What Is The Best Wireless Intercom System?

Whether it is for your home or for your business, a wireless intercom system can you a great deal of time.

Wireless intercom systems are used broadly in homes, apartments, and offices to be able to deliver messages and communicate without having to leave the room. These intercom systems have great use in home emergency situations, especially when looking out for the safety and health of the elderly.

It is also an immense time saver in an office or small business setting.

With the traditional American workday only getting longer, many businesses need a method of efficient and practical communication. A wireless intercom system can make communication throughout an office quick and easy.

If you're looking into a wireless intercom system for your home or business, read on as we cover the best systems currently available on the market.

International Electronics 4 Room Wireless System

This wireless intercom system from International Electronics Inc. is a 4 room intercom. This means a home or office can include up to four intercoms to maximize communication.

One of the big advantages of this system is that it doesn't require an outlet power connection. It runs with an easy purchase of 4 AA batteries.

The 4 room system has a two-way communication capable intercom with ultra clear sound. You can respond privately to any channel for one-on-one conversation, or broadcast a message out to all other intercoms at once. Each intercom unit has full volume control. This flexibility is perfect to match the various needs of a busy office.

Additional Features

The system is incredibly easy to set up and begin using. The intercom units are linked through a digital connection, which means no wiring to have to set up. The digital connection between intercoms has a long range of up to 1000 feet, though connection range may vary based on floors or walls.

Once unpacked, it is easy to set up the International Electronics Inc. system in under ten minutes. There is no complicated networking needed, nor should the separate units need to be synced to one another after purchase. Simply plug in each unit and you should be ready to go.

The intercom's design is also worth complimenting. Each intercom unit is beautiful and compact (4x3x2 inches) with the option for wall mountability. This intercom has a long life and is made of durable materials, meaning it can outlast most office errors or incidents.

Chamberlain NLS2 Intercom

Though intercom systems are used frequently at businesses and in the workplace, their utility in the household cannot be overstated. If you've ever had to shout across the house to get a family member's attention, you can understand the value that a home intercom system can have.

The Chamberlain NLS2 is one of the best home intercom systems available in the marketplace. It is inexpensive, smartly designed, and easy to use.

The NLS2 intercom system features two units that have up to a 1000 foot (300m) range. The two intercom units allow multiple simultaneous conversations and use a 900 MHz secure digital radio link for connection.

The two included intercoms form an exclusive network and respond only to other intercoms in the network, meaning there's no chance of being interrupted by other frequencies in your area.

Additional Features

Features include voice activation, which means you can use the Chamberlain without having to even get up and press a button. It also has a hugely helpful monitor mode, where the system can be used similarly to a baby monitor. The system can be continually sending audio from another room in your house.

This feature can be hugely helpful in the case of baby monitoring, or even for keeping an ear out for a fragile and elderly family member in your home. Even if you don't keep monitor mode on, the 'transmit' button on the intercom unit is large and clear enough that even the elderly should have no trouble using the device.

The Chamberlain model is also easy to expand if needed. Though the initial purchase only comes with two intercom units, the system can support up to a staggering sixty-four separate units.

Depending on the size of your home or office, this flexibility in size can be a huge advantage.

The system's high-tech design and modern look blends in with today's tech-friendly contemporary homes. The black and silver color scheme is tasteful and not flashy. It can easily match most types of furniture and decoration.

Samcom 10-Channel Intercom System

Another great intercom system for use in the home or office is the Samcom 10-Channel system.

Samcom has a number of different wireless intercom systems available, all of which are well designed and highly reputable. But this 10-channel system has a few advantages that we consider valuable and worth mentioning.

The biggest and most notable thing about the Samcom 10-channel system is its volume. The Samcom system has a speaker that can emit communications from other intercom systems at a much louder volume than many of its competitors.

This makes it a great intercom system to have if you're installing for use with an elderly family member. Even the hearing impaired should have no trouble understanding the crisp, clear and loud transmission of the Samcom system.

The Samcom also features great reception capabilities, better than many other intercom systems. Normally, you may be reluctant to install an intercom unit in a basement or other similar environment due to poor signal.

But the reception on the Samcon system is so good that these types of locations should be no obstacle to clear communication.

Additional Features

Like the previously mentioned wireless intercoms, the Samcom has the advantage of easy and simple set up. Because there are no wires to have to deal with, the unit only needs to be plugged into the wall to get up and running.

Speaking of walls, Samcom has made this particular unit easily wall mountable, with screw holes built into the back of its' sleek design. You can set up intercom systems in convenient locations in your home, at easy face level access.

Like the Chamberlain model, the Samcom system has an impressive amount of range. Samcom units can be 1,000 feet apart and still send and receive clear messages. This means there should be no communications problems, no matter where you place the intercom units in your home.

Though the Samcom system is especially great for home use, it can also work as a great addition to any office.

Calford 3-Channel FM Intercom System

There are some wireless intercom systems available on the market that are simply incredible and boast incredible features. Sometimes though, the price point on these intercoms can be incredibly high as a result.

If you're looking for a simpler and more affordable model that can still pack a punch, it's well worth looking at this generic 3-Channel FM model from Calford.

The Calford system allows you to communicate between three intercom systems, with CALL and TALK features. It also has a call all feature that allows you to communicate with both other units at once.

It also has the potential to be completely portable, unlike many other models. The Calford system has the capability to be run off of a phone battery and brought anywhere, though phone batteries are not included as part of the purchase.

If you'd rather stay away from the phone battery system, the units still can be plugged into the wall and are completely wall mountable.

Additional Features

The Calford has an even longer range than most intercom system models, with communications remaining clear within 1,500 feet. The range may vary depending on walls and floors and is best used in a clearer, open environment.

The Calford system is easy to set up the system and to flip it on and off. The volume is adjustable with an easy to use dial located on the front of the unit.

Sound quality is a little bit lower than it is on some of the other models, and the Calford isn't the ideal model to use with an elderly family member. It's also less visually pleasing than other currently available systems and has more of a generic and even old-school look.

But at less than $70, its an ideal buy if you're looking to save some cash and still have a reliable wireless intercom system for your home or office.

Chamberlain NTD2 Indoor/Outdoor Intercom

Another popular and highly reputable intercom system on the market also features the Chamberlain name.

The NTD2 model is a different beast than the NLS2 that we previously mentioned, but both are great systems depending on your personal needs. The NTD2 is actually compatible with the NLS2, meaning you can mix and match intercom units in one system for maximum convenience.

The NTD2 system runs at its most basic with two units running off of 4 AA batteries. The system does not use AC power at all. Like the other systems we mentioned, the two units connect digitally and securely, meaning no outside interference.

The NTD2 has a 900 MHz frequency digital connection that ensures a crystal clear quality sound. Like the other reputable systems we've mentioned, it can communicate clearly within a 1,000-foot range and can be fully set up and function within minutes.

Additional Features

But what makes the NTD2 stand out from the crowd?

As you may have guessed from the model's name, Chamberlain has built the NTD2 to work as an outdoor-friendly intercom system. This is unlike many of the models that we have previously mentioned.

The body design of the NTD2 intercom units is focused on durability and weather resistance. They are suitable for a wide range of applications and should be able to survive and function in a huge variety of environments. This means that rain or shine, you'll be able to communicate clearly between the inside and outside of your home, shop, or business.

This is key because most wireless intercom systems are not designed to last in any kind of inclement weather. Many customers have bought other systems and set one intercom unit up outside, to disastrous results. If having an outdoor unit is important to you, this is the model that you're going to want to spring for.

Another major feature that the NTD2 boasts is a monitoring mode. Monitoring can be used to keep an ear on specific areas of your home or office, in service of security or extra awareness. The Monitor Mode on the NTD2 can be highly customized depending on personal preference.

The Monitor Mode has a Voice Operated Switch, known as VOX, that that allows you to customize sensitivity settings and avoid unwanted sounds. This can help make the system's monitoring helpful without bothering you with a barrage of unwanted noise.

Monitor Mode does affect battery life. It can bring the expected lifespan of a set of lithium batteries down to about four months. Those planning to use monitor mode frequently should be aware of this change, down majorly from the expected two-year lifespan.

Picking the Best Wireless Intercom System

Communication is key no matter where the location is.

If you work in an office, a wireless intercom system can save employees effort and time. It can streamline communication and keep your business moving like clockwork.

At home, an intercom system to do the same for your family, and even help look out for the well-being of the young or very old.

The fact of the matter is, a wireless intercom system can positively alter your life for the better. Selecting the right model for your home can be easy and pleasurable if you know where to look. The above options are the best of the best and worth looking into right away.

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