Uniden BCD536HP Review

Are you a journalist hoping to follow the cops to the next big case? Are you a storm chaser hoping to listen in on news reports so you can get to a tornado right as it touches down?

While a lot of police and fire departments maintain an official stream of their audio communications, some people prefer using scanners instead. After all, with the use of scanners, you can listen live without the need of a good internet connection. If you want to use scanners to get real-time information from situations, you need to use the best in the market.

When it comes to your best options, the Uniden BCD536HP is one of the things you need to can look into. It's a scanner on a higher price range, but it's a handheld device that can do it all. Here are things you can expect from it:

General Features

With Uniden as a brand putting a great emphasis on ease-of-use, the BCD536HP isn't an exception. In fact, compared to the other options found in the market, it's balanced and much better in terms of features.

It goes without saying that this scanner does everything without sacrificing its ease-of-use regardless of whether it's setup or operation.

The learning curve for this Uniden scanner can be a little steeper than most of the basic scanners out there. However, it isn't too steep even if you haven't tried using portable scanners before. With time and patience, it won't be too difficult for you to pick up the fundamental functions.

For this very reason, this mobile police scanner offers great value to people who have the money to afford it. It has advanced features and settings that will make both newbies and veterans pleased with its functional capabilities.


Here are the advantages of having the BCD536HP digital police scanner:

Close Call RF Capture Technology

There are tens of thousands of frequencies out there. However, only a handful of them is accessible at any given time. If you're not familiar with the common frequencies used by police and fire departments, it might take you a long while before you can tune in on a good frequency when doing it manually.

However, the Close Call RF capture eliminates this need. In its most basic form, your Uniden scanner will tune to receive transmissions from the nearest one it detects. This allows you to receive information as fast as possible when things start happening.

Weather Monitoring

Equipped with the Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) technology, the BCD536HP allows you to receive weather reports. What's more is that this technology only alerts you with the relevant reports that concern your region.

That way, you're never caught off-guard when you have plans to go on a road trip and other outdoor activities.

Large, Clear Display

Vision problems are one of the top ten disabilities that afflict adults 18 and older. That said, if you have any visual impairment, you can rest easy that you can still read this scanner's display. It has a large, clear LCD display with backlight.

Aside from this, you can operate the scanner without issues even in the dark. After all, it has illuminated keys that make it clear what you're pressing. That way, you can continue tuning in regardless of weather and light conditions.

GPS Connection

You have the option to connect this police scanner to a GPS. While it can accept other brands of GPS devices, it's best to get a matching Uniden model to get various benefits. The primary reason to get this GPS is the fact that setting it up is effortless.

Once you finish installing the GPS, it works together with the scanner in a seamless manner. What this means is that the scanner is always aware of your current location. With that information, the scanner will filter relevant frequencies within your area.

TrunkTracker V and Other Awesome Features

Using the TrunkTracker V technology allows you to listen in on trunked system transmissions. Other than that, it has a 4GB microSD card that allows you to view the USA and Canada radio systems database. The internal memory also allows you to leave hundreds of hours' worth of audio recordings.

The scanner comes with the Sentinel Software, which allows you to simplify the updates in both the database and the firmware. The same feature enables you to create, edit, and manage the list of your Favorites. You can use your main database as a means to start customizing your Favorites list.

Another convenient feature is the Temporary Avoid function. This lets you silence any unwanted systems, as well as departments and channels, without delays. The feature doesn't make the mute permanent since it allows you to unmute them by cycling the power.


Despite all the amazing features offered by the Uniden BCD536HP scanner, it has one flaw. Regardless, this drawback is minor and it's possible that you can overlook it if you have the skill and know-how.

Feature Overload

Even prioritizing the ease-of-use capabilities, this digital police scanner might look daunting to learn if you're a beginner. After all, it has a lot of features and it might be too hard for you to find a starting point in terms of learning.

If you think that these features might overwhelm you, you can always opt to buy a more basic scanner and build your skills from there.

Get Your Uniden BCD536HP Today!

There are no Federal laws preventing you from listening in from unencrypted police and fire department transmissions. Whether you're new to police scanner listening or a veteran, you can use the Uniden BCD536HP to fulfill your needs.

It comes with a lot of features that you can learn without much effort since the learning curve isn't too steep.

With the countless features you can access, it takes time for you to learn each and every function. But all of it is worth the time and effort you spend. After all, once you become savvy, you can get a satisfying experience no matter what purpose you might have.

One thing you need to watch out for is getting lost in the features. Make sure that you know which ones you need the most and learn from there.

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