Uniden BCD436HP Review

Love watching shows like Live PD on Friday and Saturday night? That heart-pounding action of the police on the move taking down the bad guys.

Wouldn't it be exciting to find out what's going on locally? With a police scanner, users can have their own version of the show any time they want.

Buy the right scanner and users can listen in on police activity in minutes. The Uniden BCD436HP makes it easy for even beginners to get involved.

Keep reading for in-depth Uniden scanner review. We'll cover what features, the good positives, and negatives of the Uniden BCD436HP. 

The Features

To start out this bcd436hp review, the radio is ready to use right out of the box. Turn it on and it will start scanning the channels for a frequency with active communication.

Included in the Box

Included with the scanner are the batteries and a USB cable. There is an adapter, an antenna, and a hand strap.

HomePatrol 1

Exclusive to Uniden, HomePatrol-1 scans the current zip code for available channels. This feature is not available on other police scanners on the market.

TrunkTracker V

This feature gives you the ability to tune in to transmissions sent on trunked systems. A trunked radio system utilizes a two-way radio system that has a control channel.

Traffic is automatically directed to this control channel. This type of system is more complicated than conventional, or manual, radio systems.

Close Call RF Capture

Don't waste time manually scanning through thousands of channels. The close call technology detects and tunes to transmissions in the area automatically.

Frequency Scanning

With GPS tracking on, this scanner automatically scans the frequencies so there is no chance of missing any of the action.

The frequencies scanned range from twenty-five to thirteen hundred MHz. There is also a database of all frequencies used in the United States and Canada.


There is 4GB of memory built into the scanner. This allows for the ability to record, playback, and replay.

An enhanced dynamic memory function is also included. This is a smaller amount of memory storage within the main memory. It aids in even faster data access.


Program a favorites list and site quick keys. This aids in the ease of use of the scanner.


The included USB cable connects the scanner to a computer. When connected, a database updates the scanner's memory on a weekly basis.

Programming and other controls are accessible when connected via USB. Sentinel PC software updates the scanner's database and firmware.


Users are able to operate the scanner for eight hours of operation before the batteries die. Three AA batteries supply the power for operation.


A belt clip assembly is available for this Uniden scanner. Extra parts such as the antenna, battery cover, batteries, and keypad are available for sale.

The Good

Uniden has a reputation for making police scanners that are easy to use. Sure there is a learning curve to get the hang of the features.

This isn't a hindrance though and with a little dedication and time, anyone can get the hang out it. The large display and easily seen buttons help in the ease of use.

Easy to Use

Uniden makes radios with a focus on being easy to use. The BCD436HP continues this tradition.

This is impressive considering that more features usually means a more complicated system. The functionality of this radio remains remarkably easy considering everything included.

Weather Monitoring

SAME weather alerts are accessible with this radio. Targeting to a specific geographical area is possible.


The large backlit display makes the screen easy to read. Operate this radio in the dark with the illuminated keys.

GPS Connectivity

Purchase a Uniden GPS unit and connect it to this police scanner. Another brand GPS unit could also connect, but why not go with the unit that Uniden makes?

The two pieces of equipment will synch easily. Once connected they work together so the scanner knows where you are.

This is how the automatic connectivity happens. The scanner knows when you enter a new zip code area.

TrunkTracker V 

TrunkTracker V is exclusively on Uniden radios. Using the trunked radio system results in less user involvement when tuning to an available channel.

Users are automatically grouped for efficiency. Then when a user wants to communicate they are automatically found a free channel.

This allows for multiple conversations to happen at once. The control channel coordinates all activity for the system.

The Bad

The intention of this Uniden scanner was for ease-of-use to be the predominant feature. Unfortunately, many users may still find it overwhelming to operate.

The Price

This police scanner is on the higher end of models in terms of price. This is easily justified by the number of features that come with the radio.

Software Needed

Some users have advised that some of the features need software before they are functional. Uniden has an extensive support website where this software should be easily downloadable.

Uniden BCD436HP Verdict

For those who are willing to pay the higher price, the Uniden BCD436HP is a great choice. It offers some advanced features for the price.

The quality functionality makes this radio a good choice for both new and experienced users. Users may need to download some software before all of the features are available.

Unique features like TrunkTracker V tunes the scanner to a trunk control channel automatically. The Close Call RF Capture tunes to frequencies that are broadcasting in the nearby area.

Let us help you find the right radio. Check out our other radio reviews on our blog.

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