The Importance of a Perimeter Defense

To say the least, home defense is difficult. The main issue is that the intruder always has the initiative, meaning that they get to choose where, when, and how. Which leaves you having to be ready for any possibility. How do you prepare for absolutely ANY possibility? How do you keep a watchful eye on your home and the people you care about?

One of the best ways to protect your home and family is to keep a close eye on your perimeter. Perimeter defenses can’t possibly keep everyone out unless you’re willing to spend a fortune. But you can invest in an effective perimeter defense that will make the attackers job harder and give them less options of ways to break in.

Know Your Limits

The majority of states accept using deadly force as protection when it comes to self-defense. But you need to have good reasoning. You can’t just shoot someone because they’re walking too close to your lawn. For it to be justifiable, your life or someone’s life/body has to be threatened. For example someone would have to be be pointing their weapon at you or acting aggressively with their weapon. It’s a bit difficult to determine if your life is at risk if the potential “enemy” isn’t close or on your property. What if someone is walking down the street with a loaded pistol in their hand? You may be frightened, but you can’t do anything about it but notify the authorities. And at the most, they could charge the person with something small and send him back home. But a perimeter defense around your property could actually help with this. You would feel more secure and it would be easier to defend yourself and your loved ones if it came down to it.

Creating a Working Perimeter

Just like I previously mentioned, it is pretty impossible to create an impassable perimeter. There’s not much that can keep a strong-willed criminal from doing what they want. The main thing you’ll want to do is make one pretty easy, access to your property, but make everything else difficult. Human beings always take the easiest route, it’s just our nature. So by allowing a single way to access your property, you will get to determine how they get access. You control where they will enter and make them visible to you so you can defend your home at a moments notice. This will most likely be the front entrance way of your home by the front door where they will pass windows and possibly security cameras if you have them. You are most likely to have someone breach the front of your home. Criminals avoid the back since most homes have dogs or they’d have to pass through other people’s fenced backyards. But a decent fence in the back is still a good idea, maybe even security cameras!

Building Your Perimeter

Building a perimeter means creating some type of barrier that will make it difficult for intruders to get on the property. Most people have fences around their yards but fences are usually fairly easy to climb. An unwanted guest could surely get over one or even under one if they wanted to. One of the best and cheapest options would be to plant a hedge. With a hedge, you can interweave branches as they grow and make it near impossible to get through. Say your hedge is a few feet tall and a few feet thick, it’ll be difficult to even drive a car through! Also, if your plant has thorns, it’s an extra safety precaution to keep people from getting in.

Access Point Alarms

Watching your access points 24/7 is unreasonable and physically impossible. But you can definitely install a laser tripwire to let you know that someone’s there. You will want it to set off an alarm inside your home so you can prepare for the intruder. Also if you want the intruder to hear the alarm, they might get scared and leave. Another tool you could use is pets. Dogs bark at unidentified people and movement outdoors. A territorial dog that is sensitive to movement they don’t recognize could be effective to defending your property and household.

Having a Defense Plan

A good perimeter is a very effective part of your defense. The perimeter will help you control the aggressor so you can defend your home and your family if you need to. But you will need to have a plan for when your alarms go off or your security camera catches something unusual. Although sometimes there may be false alarms, you need to check and make sure there are no intruders threatening your home. You need to be ready to defend your property and the people you love. Windows can be a huge tool to help you keep an eye out without giving away your location and putting yourself in harm’s way. Always be ready for any type of attack.

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