The Best Wireless Security System for Homes in 2021

Most burglars and home intruders take time to see if a house is secured by a security system prior to trying to break in. If the homeowners use a traditional wired system, professional burglars will cut the wires, wait to see if it signals the police, and enter after a few minutes.

In 30% of home break-ins, someone is actually in the house. And about 7% of those cases end in violence against the resident.

Additionally, according to the FBI, the average amount of property or financial loss for each burglary is $2,185. Which of course doesn't include the fear and emotional damage the break-ins put on families, especially children.

How do people protect their homes from this loss and chaos? They use wireless security.

Wireless home security systems are more secure because there are no wires for criminals to cut in order to disarm the system. To help residents everywhere protect themselves and their property, we put an information-packed guide together.

Continue reading and find the best wireless security system for your needs.

Burglar Alarms Vs. Home Security Systems

Burglar alarms and home security systems are often and incorrectly used interchangeably. Although they share the same purpose of protecting a home, its residents, and the property in it, there are some major differences between the two devices.

Burglar Alarms

  • Has sensors on doors and windows
  • Alerts homeowner and/or law enforcement when an intruder enters the home
  • Runs on electricity usually have a backup battery
  • Mainly guard the perimeter of a house
  • Don't sense motion within the home
  • Uses a loud siren, sometimes with flashing lights
  • Will alert police
  • Intruders can cut wires to turn off alarm

Home Security Systems

  • Sends flood, fire, and carbon monoxide alerts
  • Has motion sensors
  • Uses cameras
  • Can include asset protection devices
  • Many have personal security settings for falls and other injuries
  • Can be linked to smartphones and tablets
  • Portable, can be moved from house to house
  • Can have automated control of locks and lights

Home security systems are great investments for people who want to protect the wellbeing of their houses. Because burglar alarms primarily warn of an intrusion, homeowners will miss out on various levels of beneficial protection.

Things You Should Know Before Buying a Wireless Security System

Wireless security systems are often mistaken for traditional models that require wiring and run off a small voltage of electricity. Here are a few facts consumers should know that set wireless systems apart from the others on the market.

They Will Still Work With Power Loss

When homeowners are concerned about purchasing security systems, they often wonder whether their house and assets will be protected by all means. This includes uncontrollable events like power outages.

Losing power to a security system during a power outage is especially scary in the times a homeowner is away overnight. But this fact should provide some peace of mind and comfort: wireless home security systems will still work during a power outage.

These wireless models don't run on electricity. They are either powered by solar panels or batteries.

The Size Does Make a Difference

Sometimes security companies will say the size of the home or security system in it doesn't matter. But the truth is, it does.

The size of the security system should always be determined by the size of the home. This is important for consumers to remember, especially if they're moving from a smaller place to a larger one or vice versa.

Bigger homes require more surveillance coverage for doors and windows. The computerized components of the alarm system should also be able to handle the additional information that comes with monitoring a big house.

This Can Be a DIY Project

Traditionally wired security systems always required professional installation. They'd often included tedious processes like drilling holes in the walls.

Wireless systems, on the other hand, are much easier to install. They don't involve drilling, as they're usually powered by battery or solar energy.

The main factor that will affect the installation process will be the company the equipment is purchased from. Before making a purchase, consumers should ask how the installation is done, if special equipment is needed, etc.

The Best Wireless Security Systems

Thinking about the possibility of someone breaking into your home with your family in it can be unsettling, to say the least. But it is definitely a topic that shouldn't be placed on the backburner.

Purchasing a great wireless security system can make a huge difference in many aspects of our home lives. But since security systems come in many varieties with different features and benefits, it's important to compare different units to find out which will be the best fit.

Here are some excellent options to choose from:


People who use Frontpoint for their home security needs have often spoken about their customer service. Like many others, the company's customer service agents are available day and night for assistance.

But the interactions have been noted as more knowledgeable and polite than most. Also, a quote from Frontpoint is free and provides customers with details about:

  • A free 30 day trial period
  • Monitoring pricing
  • Equipment Pricing
  • Discounts and offers

The features of this security system include:

Intrusion Sensors

Frontpoint's sensors are placed in every entry point of the home. When a sensor is triggered, alerts will be sent directly to the account holder's mobile device(s), the in-home Control Panel, and Frontpoint's monitoring center.

These sensors can also be placed within the home. Not only to protect valuables like jewelry boxes, but to also keep other residents, like children from dangerous items like cleaning supplies, liquor cabinets, and weapons.

Motion Sensing Cameras

Homeowners can access their live camera feeds from any device with an internet connection no matter how far they are from home. Additionally, if there is movement, clips will be sent via email and text message for review.

Home Automation

Home automation features don't just keep the home safe, it keeps energy costs down. How many times have you left the house prior to adjusting the thermostat to use less energy while you're away?

The Frontpoint home automation system enables control over locks, temperature, and lights. These things can also be set on timers.

Other Features

  • Fire protection

  • DIY installation

  • Carbon monoxide monitoring

  • Water and flood monitoring

  • Smoke and heat monitoring

There are three plans that Frontpoint offers. Not all features like security cameras and remote access are part of each plan.

Look through each one first to see which fits best for you.

Vivint SmartHome

Vivint SmartHome doesn't charge customers for professional installation or activation for its security systems. It also offers control via popular devices like Amazon Echo, Google Home, and others.

Vivint monitors and detects:

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Flooding
  • Fire
  • Burglary

If any of these dangers were to arise, Vivint will notify the authorities and send an alert to the homeowner's mobile device.

Vivint SkyControl Panel

Vivint's control panel is housed in a single system that allows access to lights, locks, thermostats, and the security system. These functions are all done from one place, making preparing for bed or leaving the house much easier.

There is also a panic button in the system to see if there's a suspicious person wandering the property or a health emergency. This feature can be used to speak directly with Vivint's monitoring agents.

Doorbell Camera

In the Vivint doorbell, there is a camera with night vision and two-way talk abilities. The camera can see a full 180-degree view of the doorstep or porch area too and monitors movements.

Although Vivint offers packages with varying features, the SkyControl Panel, app, home security system, and 24/7 monitoring are included in all the plans.

Vivant also offers some helpful add-on products.


ADT is one of the most recognized brands in home security. They've been in business for over 100 years and have moved into creating wireless security systems with extensive features and packages at every price range.

And for customers who like to link their gadgets, ADT's system works well with Amazon Alexa, smartphones, Nest security cameras, and the video doorbell sold by Ring.

Smart Motion Sensors

With some other security systems, the motion sensors can be triggered in instances that aren't necesarry. For example, if you use a Roomba or have a pet, you won't want an alert whenever it moves.

The sensors from ADT are considered pet-friendly up to 80 pounds where others are about 50 pounds. So, this is an excellent option for owners of larger dogs.

Security Cameras

These cameras work both inside and outside of the house and come fully equipped with night vision. The cameras have 360-degree vision capabilities, a range many cameras lack.

In addition to the dome cameras, ADT also offers wireless security cameras that use Wi-Fi. These can also be used inside and outside and the night vision on these cameras also has infrared.

Medical Backup

Medical appliances are essential for seniors who live alone. Although anyone who is alone often can benefit from them.

Because not everyone can get to a phone in case of an emergency, ADT's medical devices can be worn as pendants. The pendants have GPS and they work in any place that has a cell network, which is almost everywhere these days.

Remote Control

The remote control comes with some systems automatically, however, it can be purchased as an add-on with others.

The remote can be attached to a keychain and has four buttons.

Stay Arming- Turns off the motion sensors inside of the home while still securing the perimeter.

Away Arming- Arms the inside and outside.

Disarm- Turns off the entire system.

Panic- Alerts police. The button has to be held for 3 seconds to avoid false alarms.

Protect America

Protect America has been in the home security business for about 25 years. During this time, its won several awards including the Consumers Digest Best Buy award.

When customers choose Protect America's security systems, they are signing up for some pretty impressive perks. Such as guaranteed price matching, lifetime equipment warranties, and a lifetime locked in price.

The lifetime locked in pricing promises customers they will always pay the same rate they started out with even if the prices increase over time. Additionally, each contract lasts a total of three years.

These great deals don't come with limited options and features. Here is what you can get from Protect America:

  • Door, window, and glass break sensors
  • Multifunctional cameras
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Heat, carbon, and smoke detection
  • Apps for multiple devices
  • Free moving policy
  • DIY install

Connection Options

Most wireless security systems don't include landline connections which can limit consumers who live in more rural areas. Protect America has WiFi, cellular, and landline monitoring.

Their lowest priced plan comes with landline connectivity automatically. The downside is you will have to use a higher priced plan if you'd WiFi and/or cellular monitoring.

High Tech Surveillance

Protect America utilizes cameras with built-in microphones and speakers. This allows customers to hear what's happening in their homes and even speak back through the app.

The cameras also have four infrared LED lights that come on in all low-light conditions. This includes nights and stormy, cloudy days. The power of the lights in these cameras can travel a full 16 feet.

Additionally, customers can see more than one room at a time through the app by using the split screen feature. Videos can be recorded and stored too.

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