The Best Wireless Intercom Systems in 2019: Communication & Home Security

When people think about the term communication, the first thing that comes to mind is long distance conversations but that’s not always the case. Getting in touch with people around the house can be beneficial if someone is in trouble or there’s a disaster going on outside.

With that being said, wireless intercom systems are really important if an individual cannot move from one room to another or you want to talk to someone in a different building. In other words, they’re not meant to be part of your outdoor survival gear but they can come in handy if you can’t leave.

Just like any other device, it’s necessary to learn about all the helpful features, understand how these products work, and which model fits your needs.


Definition of a Wireless Intercom System

Just like the name indicates, these systems are meant for internal communications, hence the word “Intercom”. By installing two or more units around your home, you’ll be able to contact people in different rooms. Unlike shortwave radios, you won’t be able to access other channels which means you can only talk with whoever is on the other unit.


Recommended number of channels

Most devices come with a single channel but you can purchase an intercom system that includes several channels. This is specifically practical when you try to talk to someone in the house without disturbing everyone else.

Multiple channels gives you the ability to contact a particular unit in a certain room and no one else can hear the conversation.


Installing a Wireless Intercom System

Most items come with a manual and it’s relatively easy to install them. It’s important, however, to distinguish between the two most common types:

  • Desktop intercoms: similar to home phones, you can place these on a desk or a table.
  • Mounted intercoms: these devices can be placed vertically on a wall so you don’t require any type of support to place them on.

Keep in mind that not all models can be moved on easily once they’re installed while others are portable.


How does a Wireless Intercom System operate?

The best aspect of these items is that you won’t have any wires lying around. Since they operate through radio waves, you can place them in relatively distant places without having to deal with the cord problem.


Wireless Intercom Systems and Voice Command

This might not sound like a necessity for most individuals however, it can make a lot of difference for some users. It’s important to remember that one of the main purposes of having an intercom system in the first place is the fact that people can communicate with each other without having to move. 

Having voice command can be an additional advantage, especially for the elderly or disabled. In some cases, this can make a difference between life and death which is why you should check the needs of your household before buying a product.


Important features in a Wireless Intercom System

It’s crucial to learn about the different features that exist in an intercom system in order to get the model that suits you best.



First things first, you need to think about setting up the stations around your house. Most models come with clear instructions so you could install it yourself while others will require a certain level of technical proficiency. You can learn about the installation process by checking out the online reviews.


It goes without saying that the more you use the device, the more you’re going to have to replace the batteries. Moreover, not all models are the same but the vast majority uses the standard AA batteries so no need to worry.


You can start by adding just 2 units but it’s important to consider the fact that you’d want more stations later on which is why you should seek a scalable model. Not all models offer this feature, so make sure you get the one that allows you to do so especially if you’re installing them in a company.


In general, these devices are not hard to use but some offer more options than others. As previously mentioned, some intercoms have a voice command feature which can make things much easier.


This functionality is usually key when you’re buying a long range radio but it won’t make much difference here since almost all intercoms are designed to work perfectly even through obstacles. You can easily have a range of around 300 meters in most systems and this should be more than enough for a regular house.

Audio quality and Noise Cancellation

Since you’ll be using the intercom system inside the house, there’s a high chance of having different background noises when you’re trying to communicate. Therefore, you will need the noise cancellation option because it allows you to talk clearly. Some models even give you the opportunity to regulate this feature.


Doomsday Preppers and Wireless Intercom Systems

The hit TV show does not mention these products mainly because they can’t be used when you’re trying to survive a disaster while traveling. However, if you find yourself trapped inside your house, regardless of the reason, the intercom will definitely make things a lot easier.


Two-Way Signal reviews the best Wireless Intercom Systems

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the wireless intercom systems, it’s time to read the TWS reviews of the best models in the market today.


Wuloo Intercom System WL666

The perfect room to room communication is assured with the WL666. Whether you plan on installing it in your house or at the office, you’ll definitely enjoy using it.

Pros of the Wuloo WL666

  • Excellent signal: this device can transmit high-quality audio through the house walls thanks its enhanced signal.
  • Amazing range: if unobstructed, you can communicate over a range of 1000 meters.
  • Multiple channels: talk privately and securely thanks to more than 10 channels and 3 digital codes.
  • Ease of use: this product comes with a detailed manual that allows you to understand it perfectly and use it hassle-free.
  • Outdoor use: you can add a power bank and use the intercom for outdoor activities.
  • Variety of features: benefit from functionalities such as VOX, Monitor, Group, and Calling function.
  • Warranty: this item comes with a lifetime warranty and great customer support.

Cons of the Wuloo WL666

Generally speaking, you can’t find any downside to this product however, some users have reported bad audio quality after some time.

Wuloo Intercom System WL888

Another fine product from Wuloo! The WL888 is, in some sense, an upgrade from the previous item on this list.

Pros of the Wuloo WL888

  • Additional channels: 22 channels and 100 digital codes allowing you to have a secure conversation.
  • Great range: even with all the walls inside the house, you’ll still be able to communicate clearly.
  • 3 stations: this offer includes 3 units that could be installed in different rooms around the house.
  • User-friendly system: thanks to the detailed manual that teaches you how to set it up and use it.
  • Outdoor use: you can add a power bank and use the intercom for outdoor activities.
  • Variety of features: benefit from functionalities such as VOX, Monitor, Group, and Calling function.
  • Warranty: this item comes with a lifetime warranty and great customer support.

Cons of the Wuloo WL888

There’s not a single negative aspect in these devices but customers demand that an advanced model such as this one should have additional features such as a recording function for example.

Wireless Intercom System Hosmart HY777

A versatile intercom system known for its long range which makes it perfect for a big house or a company.That’s not all, you can easily upgrade the HY777 from 2 to 6 units, depending on your needs.

Pros of the Hosmart HY777

  • Easy to set up: you can install the units yourself without any technical knowledge whatsoever.
  • Scalable: you can go from just 2 stations up to 6 if that’s what you need.
  • Multiple channel support: you can contact a specified station without having someone listening in on the conversation thanks to the multi-channel feature.
  • Great range: compared to other models, this system offers a relatively good range even through the walls of the building.
  • Voice Operated Exchange: you can choose to keep the Vox mode on throughout the entire day.
  • Walkie talkies available: some versions of this intercom system have walkie talkies included so you could communicate while on the move inside your home.

Cons of the Hosmart HY777

Some users have reported that they’re facing problems with the volume. The audio is not always clear and they can hear static noise in the background.

Samcom FTAN30A Intercom System

This brand is known for its awesome wireless intercom systems that could be used at home or at work. The FTAN30A is no different, especially with its wide variety of features and modes.

Pros of the Samcom FTAN30A

  • Various modes: whether you want to contact a single individual or talk to a group of employees, this device gives you the ability to do both.
  • Large battery: this intercom has a 2000 mAh built-in battery which allows you to use it for a long time even without charging it.
  • Different charging options: choose between the USB cord or the AC adaptor. This product is also compatible with a power bank.
  • Monitor feature: turn this intercom into a monitor and place it in the nursery to keep tabs on your newborn.
  • Noise cancellation: this will reduce the background sounds as much as possible so you could have a clear conversation.
  • Warranty: Samcom offers a lifetime warranty and amazing customer support.

Cons of the Samcom FTAN30A

It has been reported that the manual is not that clear and users are finding it difficult to install the intercom system.

Samcom FTAN20A Intercom System

The best intercom system for professional use. The FTAN20A can be used at home of course but its digital feature makes it perfect for companies.

Pros of the Samcom FTAN20A

  • Different modes: initiate a one-to-one or a one-to-many conversations. You can also conduct a group call using this device.
  • Numerous channels: you’ll have 20 channels to communicate on.
  • Highly scalable: even though you can only buy a dozen of these units at a time, you can connect 19 of them to each other.
  • Great range: more than 1 kilometer of effective range but don’t forget that obstructions can affect that.
  • Noise cancellation: this will reduce the background sounds as much as possible so you could have a clear conversation.
  • Warranty: Samcom offers a lifetime warranty and amazing customer support.

Cons of the Samcom FTAN20A

Just like all the items here, you can’t say anything bad about this product however, some users reported some lag between the stations.


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