The Best Video Baby Monitor of 2021

Whether it's your first baby or your seventh, you'll rest better knowing your child is resting well.

Growing up you were familiar with the two-way radio baby monitors. But like most things in the last ten years, we've moved beyond that.

Most parents today prefer video baby monitors. These monitors work with remote videos or their smartphones. There are even monitors that report the baby's vital signs and sleeping patterns.

But not all baby monitors are equal. Some have better range, video quality, or two-way speakers. You want to find the right baby monitor for your family. Check out our list of the best video baby monitors of 2021.

How to Choose the Best Video Baby Monitor

Choosing the best baby monitor for your family isn't as simple as picking out the top product. You should consider your lifestyle and the size of your home.

If you have older children that you want to keep an eye on, products with add-on monitors can be your extra eyes. Long-range monitors are helpful if you work outside while your child naps inside. If you do a lot of traveling, you might want a compact monitor that's easy to set up.

Other than the specifics of your lifestyle, you should also look for these things in your monitor.

Screen Size and Quality

Some baby video monitors have bigger screens and higher resolution. This makes some parents feel safer, especially at night. Other connect to your smartphone. This might make the video harder to see but is better for ease of access and portability.

Again, it all comes down to what works best for you.

Video Signal Range

Some monitors work great, as long as you stay inside. If you have a small house this won't be as much of a problem.


Is your video baby monitor big and bulky? Is it easy to install, or do you need to mount in on the wall? Consider your needs when you look at the best monitor reviews.

Battery Life

Look for monitors with long battery life so that you don't have to leave it on the charging dock all the time.

Two-Way Communication

This is a handy feature for older kids. But it's also helpful for singing lullabies to your baby without going into their room.

Wireless Protection

Look for monitors that offer wireless encryption or protection. This will protect your video feed from hackers.

Remote Video Camera Adjustments

Can you control the camera view from your remote, or do you have to physically readjust the camera?

Other Features

Some of the best video baby monitors offer other features. They can check things like temperature and baby's vitals. There are other monitors that will play a lullaby with the press of a button.

The Best Video Baby Monitors of 2021

We based our selections on reviews from professionals and parents.

Infant Optics DXR-8

This is one of the best baby monitors rated by websites and parents. It has a 4.4 rating on Amazon, and a 4.8 rating on Target.

The audio and video are high quality, even in the night time. It's customizable to the extreme. It has a remotely adjustable camera lens and a two-way intercom system. The battery life with the monitor on is about 6 hours, plus it has a great range. You can even buy another wide angle lens, plus up to four other cameras for the rest of your house.

There are two issues with this model. One is the price. Yes, you get a ton of cool options with the Infant Optics DXR-8, but it'll cost you up to $200. Most parents say it's worth every penny, but there are cheaper options.

The other problem is there is a loud beeping noise when you turn off the monitor. Be careful not to turn it off around a sleeping baby, and you should be fine!

Cocoon Cam Breathing and Baby Monitor

If you're a high tech parent, this is the best baby monitor for you. The Cocoon Cam connects to your smartphone so you can check on your little one no matter where you are. The app works on Apple and Android devices and shows you a live streaming feed within a few seconds of opening.

The video feed works best when you're within home range of your monitor. You'll need to mount the camera on the wall, so it's not very portable. As long as you can see all four corners of the baby crib, you should be okay.

The Cocoon monitor does more than send video feed. It also monitors your baby's breathing patterns, so you can rest easy. The app will send you an alert if there's a change in breathing. They're even working on a cry detection feature!

The price tag is pretty steep, at $150. But if you're a parent who's always worried about the baby breathing right, this might save your sanity.

Motorola MBP36XL Baby Monitor

This freestanding monitor has an impressive camera flexibility and signals range. We're talking a 1,000 ft range that will let you keep an eye on baby even if you're outside with friends.

If you can't see your little one, use the remote adjusters to fix the view. You can also move it from room to room. The camera sits on a dresser or you can mount it with brackets.

You can also add up to four cameras to this monitor. This is a great feature if you have more than one child, or you have a super active kid.

There are some loud beeping sounds when you turn the monitor on. Plus some parents have complained about the battery life. But if you spend a lot of time in the backyard, this could be a great monitor for you.

Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera

While the Nest cam isn't a baby monitor, it has the highest video quality of any camera on this list. It also films well at night, so you can get great footage no matter what time of the day. The Nest Cam is WiFi enabled. As long as you connect to the internet you can access the video feed from anywhere.

The Nest Indoor Camera connects to an app on your phone. If there's any unexpected movement it sends you an alert. You can use the two-way intercom system to talk to your child or even tell your pet to calm down.

The Nest Camera is a great investment, and you can even use it after your kids are grown up.

Summer Infant In View 2.0 View Monitor

This monitor doesn't have all the bells and whistles as the others. But it's great for parents wanting to stay on budget. 

The Summer Infant has a zoom camera and a built-in nightlight to keep your child feeling secure. It also comes with other standard features, like out-of-range indicators and sound-activated lights. You can mount the camera to the wall, or put it on a dresser with a good view of the baby. 

While the video quality isn't as great as the Nest, you can add up to four extra cameras to your monitor feed. Plus the battery life of the video monitor is good, and it comes with a battery charger.


The Nanit video baby monitor is another high tech win for parents. It connects to your smartphone and gives you all kinds of statistical goodies.

If you want to know how well your child is sleeping, Nanit will tell you. Are they acting fussy? Nanit's got this. How many times did you go into your child's room and make sure they'd fallen asleep? Nanit will let you know. It doesn't detect breathing patterns like the Cocoon app, but we imagine that feature isn't far off.

If you're a parent who's also a statistical analyst, then Nanit is your dream monitor. They deliver all the information via the Nanit Insights app. The app is free for the first year, but after that, it's $100 a year. By then you'll be able to decide if Nanit's wealth of information is something you want.

You'll have to attach the camera to the wall, or you can buy the floor stand for another $50.

As long as you have WiFi, you have access to the camera monitor. The camera also comes with a nightlight, as well as temperature and humidity sensors.

LeFun Wifi Camera

The LeFun WiFi Camera is one of the best video baby monitors for the price. LeFun WiFi Camera is another camera that works well as a baby monitor, but you can use it for other purposes.

It connects to your phone via a wireless connection, so you can check the feed no matter where you go. You can also record video on your own SD card if you want it to double as a security camera.

The camera also pans 350 degrees and tilts 100 degrees. It also has night vision in case you're worried about your child being able to sleep through the night on their own. If they do get fussy, you can use the two-way speaker to calm them down without leaving the bed.

The camera is easy to set up and easy to sync to your phone. Some reviewers have complained about the video feed connection. But most people are happy with the LeFun camera.

Arlo Baby Wifi 1080p HD Monitoring Camera

The Arlo Baby Camera is not just adorable, it's teched out. It's decorated with cute green bunny ears to go with your child's enchanted forest room. It's also easy to install: put it anywhere where you can get a clear view of your baby's crib.

This monitor is also connected to your phone via WiFi. It features 1080p resolution and an 8x zoom on the camera. It has a nightlight, plus a smart music player that you can load up with your child's favorite lullabies. The two-way talk feature lets you speak or sing to your baby.

The Arlo Camera also has an air sensor, plus a crying alert in case you're not close enough to hear.

While some parents report a few seconds of lag time, the reviews for Arlo Baby Wifi Camera are positive.

Samsung SEW-3040W

This Samsung baby monitor is the best option for parents who are always traveling. It's sleek, simple, and delivers a long-range signal. This means that no matter where you are, you'll have a baby monitor that works.

This model is non-wireless, so you don't have to rely on a stranger's internet. It has a two-way speaker so you can soothe your baby in an unfamiliar environment. The set up is easy, and it comes with all the proper chargers and docking stations you need from a video baby monitor.

It doesn't have all the extra features that the other monitors do, but it's great for traveling parents. You can keep a watchful eye on your baby no matter where your family is staying.

Levana Aria 7 Inch Touch Screen

The Levana Aria is like many other monitors on our list. It has a decent range between camera and monitor. You can add up to four different cameras on the device. And it has a two-way speaker so that you can talk to your children.

What makes this monitor stand out is that you can view your video feeds side by side. The feeds come with split-screen and quad-screen viewing, so you can keep an eye on more than one child at a time. This is great for parents with twins or more than one child.

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