The Best Portable Radios of 2021

The radio has a rich history and important influence on our society's progression. While some may have forgotten about the technology in 2021, there are still many uses for them today.

Having a portable radio gives users access to hundreds of radio broadcasts from anywhere in the world. But with so many different radios on the market, how do people know which ones are the best?

Read on to find out what the best portable radios are in 2021.

Sony ICFP26

Though it may be small, the Sony ICFP26 comes packed with a variety of features that makes it one of the best portable radios out there.

The Sony ICFP26's compact design makes it easy to bring everywhere. It comes equipped with a built-in speaker and a headphone jack, making it suitable for both private and public listening sessions.

While it may be pocket-sized, the Sony ICFP26 also delivers surprisingly great sound. The radio's telescope antenna is able to help ensure it gets the best signal possible, bringing crystal clear sound to the listener.

The radio delivers clear and balanced audio, making it a great choice for both music and talk radio. The pair of AA batteries that come included with packaging can keep the radio playing from 60-100 hours, avoiding the hassle of having to recharge anything.

Overall, the Sony ICFP26 is focused on performance and portability. Not only is it compact and convenient, but it also delivers a clear, stable signal.

Sbode Bluetooth Speaker/Radio

The Sbode Bluetooth Speaker/Radio has a very different look and feels from the other portable radios on this list. As the name suggests, this Sbode speaker functions first as a bluetooth speaker for users to play their own music on.

But it also comes with a receptive radio without the hassle of antennas.

The Sbode speaker doesn't require any other additional equipment to pick up radio signals. Its internal sensors help it pick up radio waves no matter where you are.

Its tube-shaped exterior makes it easy to carry around or set up somewhere. While the quality of the audio isn't the best, it's still clear enough for casual use.

While it will require a battery recharge every once in a while, it has power-saving functions to help conserve energy.

The Sbode Bluetooth Speaker/Radio combines everything a user would need in a modern, wireless Bluetooth speaker and a portable radio. Its versatility and small size make it a great option for anyone that switches between listening to a personal music library and tuning into the radio.


For a portable radio with a retro look and feel, consider the TIVDIO V-111. The compact radio combines an old school look and feel with modern functionality.

Between the different features and portability, the TIVDIO V-111 is an excellent choice for the price. Its wild array of controls allows users to dial into a variety of different radio stations.

The TIVDIO V-111 can pick up both FM and AM signals, allowing for a flexible listening experience. Its pocket-sized enclosure makes it the ideal choice for listening on-the-go.

In addition, the TIVDIO V-111 also runs on two AA batteries, working around the trouble of charging batteries.

As far as sound quality, the TIVDIO delivers clear audio, which may come as a surprise considering its size. While the speakers may not have as much bass other radios on the market, this radio makes up for it in its vocal clarity.

The TIVDIO also has a built-in antenna to ensure that signals are strong and static-free. It also has a locking switch to prevent accidentally channel switching and power saving functions to preserve battery life.

Ultimately, the TIVDIO V-111 covers many of the functions that most look for in a portable radio device with a few added bonuses. Between the strength and clarity of the signal and the 12-hour alarm clock, the TIVDIO V-111 is a cost-effective choice for a miniature radio.

Sony ICF-506

While not as small as the ICFP26, the Sony ICF-506 comes equipped with the primary functions of an analog radio with a bigger sound than its compact competitors.

The Sony ICF-506 runs on a trio of AA batteries, requiring a little more power than other portable radios. However, it's evident where this extra power goes when looking through the radio's functions.

The monophonic speaker allows the radio to really push for higher audio output. While louder doesn't always mean better, the Sony ICF-506 has the parts necessary to make deliver high-quality audio at high volumes

Its tuning range allows listeners to pick up a wide range of AM and FM signals. As a result, the ICF-506 brings a whole world of different radio signals to the users' fingertips.

The Sony ICF-506 finds a balance between a retro design and more modernized functions. The radio's handle and optimized speaker makes it easy for anyone to bring on the go.

Sangean PR-D15

While it may not be the smallest portable radio on the market, the Sangean PR-D15 brings clarity and quality to make up for it.

The Sangean PR-D15's design is a more modern take on standard radios. Its stereo-speaker set up works to bring users the best listening experience possible. The PR-D15 also has auxiliary ports for those that want to listen to personalized audio.

While it may be larger than some of the other radios on the market, its handle and shape still make it portable enough for most listeners.

Where the PR-D15 really shines is in its audio quality. The built-in speakers provide sharp treble and responsive bass, bringing listeners a balanced and high-quality experience.

Though it relies on rechargeable batteries for power, the Sangean PR-D15 has enough additional features to make it worth it. In addition to its beautiful audio quality, it also has alarm clock functions, a snooze timer, and a backlit LCD screen. In the end, the PR-D15 brings many additional features to the table that smaller, more compact radios couldn't.

C. Crane CC Pocket Radio

While there are many different portable radios to choose from on this list, some of them have more bells and whistles than others. For those looking for something straight-to-the-point, look no further.

The C. Crane CC Pocket Radio is everything one could want in portable radio focused around function. There's nothing outrageously fancy or modern in it -- it just works.

Though it might not have the loudest speakers on the market, they're great for both talk radio and music without bothering others.

As the name suggests, the C. Crane CC is small enough to simply slip into your pocket. When paired with a couple of AA batteries, users will have hours of radio shows and music right wherever they go.

it might not have the craziest design or the most features, but the C. Crane CC Pocket Radio has everything one could need to get by.

RunningSnail AM/FM NOAA Radio

While some radios are more focused on giving users access to radio signals for in more casual uses, others have more practical uses. The RunningSnail AM/FM NOAA Radio comes packed with different features that could come in handy during emergencies.

Not only does it provide easy-access to both AM and FM signals, but it also does so much more. From flashlights to portable chargers, this RunningSnail radio was made to help in case of emergencies.

Additional features aside, it still does perform well as a standard portable radio. While it may not have the best sound quality on the market, it does make up for it with its durable design and additional tools.

Ultimately, the RunningSnail AM/FM NOAA Radio is a versatile radio that does so much more than just pick up radio signals. Its small size makes it easy to store away in an emergency kit or for a casual getaway.

Rolton W405

Another great choice for a reliable portable radio is the Rolton W405. This radio packs function into a strong, attractive design.

The Rolton W405 has many of the same functions as other radios on the market. It can pick up a wide range of FM radio frequencies and delivers wonderful sound quality despite its size.

Where it really pulls ahead of the competition is in its exterior design. The external shell is well-designed, making it both attractive to look that fits perfectly in the hands.

But looks aren't necessarily everything for this pocket-sized radio.

The Rolton W405 also has inputs for USB/TF support and auxiliary cables, giving you more ways to listen. There's also a backlit LCD screen to make the screen easier to read no matter how light or dark it is.

The radio's 1500mAh rechargeable battery will only give you about four hours of listening time. But this is the price to pay for something so light and portable.

The Rolton W405 lacks some of the features like AM signal compatibility, but in return, it provides functionality that is easy to pack away for any occasion.

Kaito KA500

For some users, versatile functionality is everything. In this case, the Kaito KA500 might be the perfect match.

Not only does the Kaito KA500 have a variety of different signals for users to search through, but it also has a long list of different functions and features that make it a strong competitor to other portable radios out there.

One of the major redeeming qualities of the KA500 is the different frequencies it's able to pick up. In addition to AM and FM, it can also detect SW and NOAA signals, bringing users more ways to listen.

In addition to this, it also has different ways to receive power. While there is a compartment for three AA batteries, users can also choose to use the hand crank, wall adapter, solar power, and many more.

While these features are nice, it's even more important for it to sound good.

Luckily, the Kaito KA500 has responsive speakers and receptive antennas to bring listeners clear audio. While they may not be the most impressive speakers on the market today, they are quite good considering the radio's size.

Even so, the KA500 still managed to provide balanced audio. Not only do songs come through clearly, but dialogue also has a very natural resonance. All in all, the Kaito KA500 is one of the most versatile radio devices on the market today.

Panasonic RF-2400

The last radio on this list is one of the best devices out on the market today. The Panasonic RF-2400 finds the perfect balance of design, sound quality, and portability. 

What makes this radio better than others out there?

The RF-2400 has sensitive controls with a wide sweep. As a result, users are able to enjoy an extensive range of radio stations with minimal static and interference. In the event that the signal strength isn't quite strong enough, there is a collapsible antenna to make ends meet.

Audio transmission is sharp and clear. The speakers provide an even response across the trebles, mids, and bass and vocals come through with clarity. The RF-2400 can also perform well at high volumes, experiencing little distortion.

While you'll need four AA batteries to power it, the Panasonic RF-2400 also has an external wall adapter to keep the tunes going.

Between its stables and reliable signal strength and its portable shape and size, the Panasonic RF-2400 is one of the best portable radios on the market. There are few radios that are able to pack that many quality features into such a compact device.

Picking the Best Portable Radio in 2021

There are a lot of different portable radio devices on the market in this day and age. While some may come packed with features and extras, others may be more straightforward.

At the end of the day, picking the right radio depends on the specific situation. Taking the time to do the research and find out what works best is the first step in the selection process. 

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