The Best Kids Walkie Talkies of 2021

Buying the perfect toys or gadgets for your children can sometimes be dang near impossible. You want to buy educational and fun items, but how can you be sure they won't ignore it after one or two days?

If you're looking for something to buy your kid that you can also enjoy with them, consider walkie talkies! Two-way radios aren't just for the adults!

Interested, but unsure where to start? Confused about what models would be best for young hands? You've come to the right place.

Keep reading for ten of the best walkie talkie models for children!

1. Funtok Walkie Talkie

A great place to start with walkie-talkie shopping is the Funtok model. These devices are made of durable material that is friendly to the environment. The material has also been tested for child safety.

These walkie talkies will give you a great crisp sound and the volume can be adjusted.

A huge bonus of these devices is that they only weigh six ounces and are compact. This means they will fit nicely even in small child hands. The durable outside resists damage so they will last for hours of fun.

Using these, you will have a three-mile range and 22 channels. They come with an auto scan feature, so kids won't have trouble finding the best channel.

Other features include an LCD display meaning your children can use them in the evening. They also come with an LED flashlight. This is a great feature that can be used in case of emergency.

Be aware that batteries are not included. Be sure to stock up on batteries so your kids don't have to wait to get started with their fun!

2. Rheshine: The Best Walkie Talkie

The Rheshine radio is a more high-end walkie-talkie option. It will run you a little more than other models, but it also has one amazing feature: rechargeable batteries.

Yes, this means you won't have to continuously make battery runs at all hours of the day. You will also save a ton of money sticking with rechargeable batteries over single use.

The Rheshine Kids model includes easy controls and navigation. They come with a crystal clear LCD screen that will show your range, channel information, and battery level.

No matter your child's preference, you likely will find a color and design to suit them. They come in blue, pink, and yellow.

This model comes with 22 channels just like the Funtok model but has a slightly smaller range of two miles. These would be great to use for outdoor activities like biking, camping, or hiking.

They are a great item to have while shopping or traveling just in case you and your kids get separated! Just be aware that the rechargeable batteries can still drain even when not in use.

3. Retevis Kids Walkie Talkies

If you are looking for one of the most affordable options, check out Retevis RT628. They are fairly inexpensive and available in three colors. These include silver, red, and black.

They weight seven ounces so are still lightweight and small enough to be enjoyed by kids. They are the perfect size to be carried while biking or playing in the yard.

The radios have five buttons for control and an easy to read LCD display screen. It shows battery, channel, and range information. Even though it is a less expensive model, the display still comes with a backlight meaning kids can use at dusk.

This model is also helpful as it comes with a flashlight for nighttime or other emergencies.

While the Retevis model comes with 22 channels, it can be slightly more difficult getting the right one when compared to other models. Because of this, this type may be suited for slightly older children who can navigate the system.

4. Eoncore T358 for Kids

Looking for an even more lightweight model? Look no further than the Eoncore T358 option. These are offered in a kid-friendly design in pink and blue and incredibly only weigh 3.2 ounces.

They measure 5.7 by 1.9 by 0.8, so are very small and perfect for travel. This size is perfect for children to carry around even with tiny hands.

These walkie talkies are ergonomically built and have easy to access control buttons. The LCD display clearly displays information and has a backlight for the evening hours.

This model can be used by young children because you can activate the VOX function. This will let your kids converse over the radios without even pressing the push to talk (PTT) button.

The Eoncore model like many others comes with a flashlight that can be very handy for both kids and adults.

Some other benefits of this model include a 1.5-mile range and a loud batter indicator. This means your kids will immediately know the status of the battery and if they need to return home due to low batteries.

5. J-TOO Brand

Do you have children a little older who maybe can travel further from home or others? You may want to consider the option from J-TOO. This is because, with the 22 channel options, it also has a range of five miles.

The devices are small so they are perfect for young hands.

These radios come with an auto scan feature and an automatic volume feature. These can be helpful for children so they don't need to constantly fuss with the device to make it work.

The J-TOO model is also one of the best walkie talkie models because it comes with other features like child monitoring, alarms, and an anti-walk system. These all can give you peace of mind that your loved ones will be safe.

These walkie talkies are made of strong materials and have a light up LCD screen. They come with ten ringtones which children will love going through and picking their favorite.


6. Little Pretender

The Little Pretender Walkie Talkies will not disappoint you nor your children. They will give you high-end features and fantastic performance levels.

This model is very child-friendly, weighing in around seven ounces. They will fit great in your child's hand and are designed with buttons that are easy to push.

Even though they are marketed for children, they come with tons of great features. The Little Pretender set comes with a built-in flashlight, call alert system, and an easy to read LCD screen.

These radios will give you a range of around two miles. They are built with material that will stand up to multiple drops and weather elements.

While your children initially may not need more than three channels, it's important to note that this model is limited when compared to other models with over 20 channels.

7. Marvel Ultimate Spiderman Web-Tastic FRS

Do you have a huge Spiderman fan in your home? Want to make your child feel like they have web-slinging superpowers? Definitely consider this visually appealing option from Marvel.

This walkie talkie set will make any Spiderman fan happy due to their signature red color and stunning images.

With this model, you get a long-range two-way radio that comes with LED indicators. This model is a little more basic in terms of features, but it makes up for it with the appearance.

The Marvel Spiderman walkie talkie set is appropriate for anyone above the age of three. The simple function will mean even young children can easily operate them.

This model requires four AAA batteries in each device, so be prepared to stock up on batteries.


8. Disney Frozen Chill 'n' Chat 2-Way Radios

This model may appeal most to young girls, but even younger boys can fall in love with the characters from Frozen! It's adorable and enchanting as well as durable.

Any fan of the franchise will appreciate the authentic coloring and striking images of both Anna and Elsa.

The Disney Frozen option will cover a range of two miles and should be used by children four years old and up. Similar to the Spiderman model, each device requires four AAA batteries.

Because this set is small and compact, it's perfect for friends to carry around and chat on. It can be used easily by children of all ages because it has one main button to start talking with.

If you want to encourage your children to use their imagination and create a story with friends, these could help them create a perfect game or story time.

9. Kids Walkie Talkies by UOKOO

Another great walkie talkie for kids includes the Kids model from UOKOO. It is an incredibly compact and visual appealing model.

This set comes with 22 channels and can cover around two miles. In open areas, it may even cover a larger range. It comes with multiple features, but they are all easily managed by children.

The UOKOO model provides amazing sound quality and is made of strong materials. It comes with an automatic feature that will minimize background noise so your children can communicate clearly.

Children can enjoy this model even in the evening, as the LCD screen is lighted. This model boasts a clip so you and your kids can clip it to a belt and move more freely. A huge benefit to this model is that a charge will last a long time!

It is one of the best selling models online. You can pick a color that will be loved by your child. Availability includes black, red, orange, and even camo.

The camo option could be a great gift to a child with a parent or relative who serves in the military.

10. Spy Gear Ultra Range

One final option to consider when shopping for a radio set for children is the Spy Gear Ultra Range Walkie Talkie. If you think your child would enjoy sleuthing around and feeling like a movie spy, give this one a chance.

The design is very sleek and minimal, being all black with red accents. It is a small design that will fit any child hand perfectly.

This model can cover up to two miles and has a simple tap and hold button feature for communication.

Each device will need six batteries to work. Be aware that they can drain batteries quickly, especially with heavy use.

Final Considerations

The above-mentioned models are all great choices. To ensure you purchase the absolute best one for you and your family, be sure to consider a few things.

Privacy is an important consideration, especially if you're giving walkie-talkies to younger children. Remember fewer channels means other people may be able to communicate with your children. Some models even come with privacy codes.

Be sure you understand what different channels mean and allow you to access.

You may not need a model with a really big range, so shop for just what you need. If your kids will mostly be playing indoors or just in your yard, a lower range may be just fine.

If you want to be sure your child will love the model you buy, consider taking them along with you to test out a few options. Things to pay attention to include how easily they hold the device and how easy it is to operate.

The younger the child, the more simple design you should buy. But be wary of really cheap models. If you buy a cheap model, you may end up replacing parts or the entire device frequently.

Look for something sturdy that will stand up to your child playing with for a long time.

Grab Your Walkie Talkies and Go Have Some Fun

After checking out this list, you should be all set to get your child or children the best walkie talkie possible! Get ready for hours of fun!

With a little research and assessment of your needs, you will find the model that best suits you and your kids. 

Whether you play inside or outside, your children will appreciate having a great walkie-talkie. But what they will appreciate even more is spending time with their parents.

Be sure to stay up to date on other popular toys and gadgets by checking out our blog!

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