The Best CB Antennas And Why You Need One

If you’re a proud owner or simply a fan of CB Radios then you probably know that these devices have a relatively short range when compared with other communication tools. The limited range is generally due to the limited power offered by these radios however, this is no longer the case thanks to the large collection of CB Antennas.

These pieces of equipment are available for everyone but you have to know which antenna suits you best. This depends on how you use your radio in the first place which is why you should read on to discover which features you should seek.


Definition of a CB Antenna

First of all, an antenna is a component found in almost all transceivers. It picks up the electric current generated by the radio and propagates it in the form of an electromagnetic wave in order to send a message. The opposite procedure happens when there’s an incoming transmission; radio waves are caught by the antenna and then transformed into electric current.

Having said that, you can’t just go and purchase a random antenna. There are custom-built instruments compatible with CB Radios that allow you to extend your range without taking too much space.


Different Types of CB Antennas

It’s important to know that there are 5 distinct types of CB antennas and you should take the time to know them in order to know which one you should seek. There are all sorts of antennas since there are various radio categories but they are usually differentiated by their structure and range.



The name stands for No-Ground Plane and they are designed for all vehicles with non-metal chassis such as boats. They don’t offer much range though and they tend to be very expensive.


As you can imagine, these antennas are made from fiberglass which makes them robust and can withstand vibrations and shocks. Their range can vary from 3 Kms to 11 Kms.

Magnet Mount

The majority of commercial antennas have a magnetic base that sticks to the surface you put them on. These are called Magnet Mount Antennas but they need to be placed in an elevated location in order to give you the maximum range of 11 Kms.


Made from stainless steel, these products are mostly used by truck drivers which is why they are now referred to as Trucker Antennas. It’s no surprise that they’re this popular though because they tend to provide up to 16 Kms in range.

102” Whip

The most powerful antennas on this list since they offer more than 16 Kms in range but you should be aware that they’re relatively long.


Installing the CB Antenna

As mentioned earlier, it’s always recommended to mount the antenna in an elevated location, whether it’s on a vehicle or in a fixed location. Make sure you decide where you want to put it prior to placing a purchase since it could affect the type of antenna you’re getting.


How is Range Affected?

As you probably know, long-range two-way radios have a relatively extended range but it’s definitely not the number that’s written on the box. It’s the same thing here; obstacles like trees or building will definitely lower the range of your antenna. Maximum reach is usually ensured when you’re in an open field.

In addition, the antenna should be installed correctly, perfectly suitable for your CB radio, and has sufficient length in order to reach the topmost range.


Important Features in a CB Antenna

The following criteria are the features that you should look for when buying these items.


Type & Brand

Obviously some types are more powerful than others which means they offer a longer range. If that’s what you’re going after then make sure you get the right type. While you’re at it, it’s important to do a small research about the most trending brands in the industry (a handful of examples can be found below).


It goes without saying that a longer antenna gives you more range. Again, it’s not always a good idea to go for the longest one on the shelf since it can be a nuisance, especially if it’s not the one you need.


Most antennas come with a mount however, you can always purchase these two items separately. You should know that there are magnetic and non-magnetic mounts: the former stick to the surface where they are placed and the latter should be fixed.

Coaxial Cable

You need a high-quality cable to make sure that your radio is at its best. Take the time to learn about the different coaxial cables since some types are better than others.


Two-Way Signal Reviews the Best CB Antennas

Now it’s time to check out the best products on the market. The list below contains some of the best names in the industry.


Cobra HGA 1500 Magnetic Mount CB Antenna

A highly-rated CB Antenna! The Cobra HGA 1500 is truly versatile and hassle-free. It can be placed anywhere and it’s capable of withstanding strong hits.

Pros of the Cobra HGA 1500

  • Powerful Antenna: it’s capable of handling 300 Watts of power.
  • Heavy Duty Mount: rest assured that the antenna isn’t going anywhere once you attach the 4-inch magnet.
  • Recreational Mount: easily stick and remove the antenna whenever you’re going on a trip.
  • Versatile Attachments: the coaxial cable can be linked to any CB or 10 meter radio.
  • Weather Channel Ready: the antenna will clearly receive all weather channels if the radio supports them,

Cons of the Cobra HGA 1500

The only downside to this antenna is the fact that, at 50$, it’s much more expensive than other models.

WILSON 305-38 Magnet Mount Antenna

Similar to the previous product, the Wilson 305-38 is really powerful and offers a relatively long range.

Pros of the Wilson 305-38

  • Strong and Heavy Magnet: it’ll stick to the surface of your car and never break off. Its extra weight helps it stay where you place it.
  • Scratch Resistant: the rubber will make sure that you don’t scratch your car while installing or removing the antenna.
  • Extra Length: it’s obvious that this item is longer than other models which means that it’ll provide you with additional range.
  • Easy Setup: you don’t need a college degree to learn how you can install this antenna correctly. Just check out some videos online.
  • Smart Design: the aerodynamic structure will ensure that it won’t fall off if there’s too much wind or you’re going a bit fast.

Cons of the Wilson 305-38

This product also has a high price tag even though the magnetic isn’t as sturdy as advertised, especially in wet conditions.

K40 K-30 Antenna

Another product with great reviews, the K40 K-30 offers all the necessary features with additional accessories that could be useful.

Pros of the K40 K-30

  • Great Magnet: it sticks really well on a vehicle and doesn’t fall very easily.
  • High Power Compatibility: you can hook this antenna even to the most powerful CB radios.
  • Easy Installation: quickly set up the mount on any surface.
  • Amazing Design: the structure and color of the antenna and mount make it suitable for most colors.
  • Additional Coaxial Cable: and not just any cable, an extra-long one that could come in handy.

Cons of the K40 K-30

It may be a bit difficult to tune this antenna which is why it’s recommended to let a professional do it for you. If done correctly, you will benefit from maximum range.

TRAM 703-HC CB Antenna Kit

A well-structured antenna with a solid base! The 703-HC is an all-inclusive kit that includes all the required items.

Pros of the Tram 703-HC

  • High Compatibility: this antenna covers all CB frequencies.
  • Powerful Mount: a thick, 3.5” magnet mount that you can install almost anywhere and rest assured that it won’t fall off.
  • Great Coaxial Cable: RG58 cable with PL-259.
  • Solid Structure: it’s made from a stainless steel whip which makes it tough even in windy conditions.
  • Shock Springs: these are placed between the base and the whip making the antenna malleable and doesn’t break easily.

Cons of the Tram 703-HC

This item is significantly shorter than the common antenna which means it offers lower range.

Genuine Nagoya UT-72 Antenna

Made by BTECH, the UT-72 is made to last and withstand any condition. It’s literally weatherproof and made from heavy duty elements.

Pros of the Genuine Nagoya UT-72

  • Complete Set: the whole package contains the antenna, magnet, adapter, and cable.
  • Strong Base: the magnet is really powerful and can firmly stick to almost any surface.
  • Super Loading Coil: increased UHF reception and extended range.
  • Easy Installation: this antenna is made in a way that makes it easy for anyone to install.
  • Tall and Strong: it measures 19” and it’s made from stainless steel.

Cons of the Genuine Nagoya UT-72

Some customers reported that the signal is not as powerful as advertised by the company.

FireStik 4 Antenna

A relatively cost-effective option. The FireStick 4 is perfect for those who want a small antenna with average range.

Pros of the FireStik 4

  • Easy to Tune: it has what is described as “bare-hands tunable tip” to make it easy to set up.
  • Rated at 200 Watts: this means that it’s compatible with the average radios.
  • Small and Lightweight: it’s about 122 cms long and it’s really light.
  • Weather Channels: it’s designed to receive NOAA alerts and enhance weather channels.
  • Great Reception: it’s reported that the audio quality is enhanced with this antenna.
  • Amazing Bargain: you’ll get all the features you’ll ever need at a relatively reduced price.

Cons of the FireStik 4

Most clients have said that the antenna quickly deteriorates and doesn’t last as long as expected.


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