The 10 Best Landline Phones of 2021

Did you know that the first version of the cordless phone was created by a Jazz musician named Teri Pall in 1965?

The first digital cordless phone was introduced in 1994, and the technology led to the development of the modern day smartphones and tablets.

But wait!

Why are we talking about landline telephones in 2021? Are they still relevant?

Although smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous in today's world, a definite niche for landline cordless phones still exists out there. Most business owners love them because they offer dependable reception, better coverage, clear sound quality, and other key features that modern cell phones can't.

If you're looking for a reliable phone for your home or business, here are the ten best landline phones of 2021.

1. The KX-PRS120: The Best Home Phone

If you're looking for a high-tech cordless phone with a quality display, you can never go wrong with the Panasonic's KX-PRS120.

The unit features a 5.6cm LCD screen that has a unique Graphical User Interface (GUI) that gives you easy access to the phone's options. The LCD uses QVGA specifications.

The phone also comes with a curved back and large, square-shaped keys that add style to its sleek look. It has more than 35 ringtone tones to choose from.

But that's not all.

As long as you have a Caller ID, you can use this two-line enabled unit to block nuisance calls. The phone can prevent an entire group of numbers and can also block withheld phone numbers.

The KX-PRS120 supports three-way conference call, adding to its all around the house utility.

Are you worried you might miss a call? There's no need to worry; the KX-PRS120 comes with an in-built answering machine that's capable of storing up to 30 minutes of calls.

The only problem with this unit is that its Bluetooth feature needs attention.

2. GIGASET C570A: One of the Most Popular Landline Phones

GIGASET C570A is one of the most popular cordless phones due to its high-tech features.

This DECT phone features a user-friendly interface, illuminated number keys, and a large TFT color display.

It also comes with a 200 contacts address book that allows users to add first name, last name, favorite contacts, and up to three different numbers to an existing contact. The addresses book can also be easily transferred to other Gigaset units.

What's more? The Gigaset C570A has programmable speed dial keys that you can use to make calling your favorite numbers easy and fast. It also allows you to assign signature ringtones to your contacts.

Unlike most other phones, Gigaset C570A can also remind you when one of your contacts has a birthday.

It comes with a separate answering machine that gives you several options for retrieving messages: via the handset, via the base station, or remotely from an external location. The answering machine has a backup emergency battery, so you can be sure that you won't miss any message even if there's a power outage.

Other essential features include a block anonymous call function, which enables you to block unwanted calls.

The only problem with this unit is that it's slightly minimalist.


Are you looking for a cordless phone that speaks of stylishness and class?

The IDECT ECLIPSE Plus is what you should pick. The phone has a unique elliptical design that will add a style statement to your home or office.

This cordless phone comes with a nuisance call blocker function that can block international, withheld, and other specific numbers. It has a 124 contact address book and a backlit LCD that make the device user-friendly.

IDECT ECLIPSE Plus also has a hands-free speakerphone, which allows you to answer while still handling other tasks around your home or office.

With a standby time of more than 200 hours and a talk-time of up to 12-13 hours, the IDECT ECLIPSE Plus can serve you for a long time without charging. It also comes with a 30-minute answering machine, which can be controlled from the handset.

The phone has a user guide that's easy to read and understand.

The problem with this cordless phone is that it has no HD voice quality.


If you're searching for a stylish and practical cordless phone, the BT Halo can be a good choice.

The unit has an incredible LCD and a stylish circular base station that has a built-in answering machine.

It also has a built-in Bluetooth connectivity. This function enables you to connect it with your smartphone, and that means you make or take calls using this DECT phone without worrying about your signal dropping. The Bluetooth function also makes it easy to sync your contacts.

The BT Halo also features a 1000 contact address book and allows you to sync the numbers you have to your other BT Halo handsets.

It has a talk time of up to 18 hours and a standby time of up to 200 hours.

Its nuisance call blocking feature can block up to 1000 numbers, including individual numbers, international numbers, payphone calls, and more.

Don't want to be disturbed? The phone has Do Not Disturb feature, which stops the phone from lighting up or ringing when you don't want to be bothered.


Are you on the hunt for a feature-rich handset with mobile-like design? You should go for the Gigaset SL450A GO.

The phone features mobile-like buttons and an aluminum handset that won't crack when it falls. The Gigaset SL450A GO is also expandable to six handsets.

The unit has a 200 contact address book, Large TFT color display (2.4"), and a GUI that's easy to use. You can also pair the GIGASET SL450A GO with your cell phone and use it to make mobile calls.

The phone's base station features an Ethernet port that enables the users to make or receive free national and international calls using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

The Gigaset SL450A GO is easy to set up and should not take anyone more than few minutes.

The phone has an impressive sound quality that matches its unique design and comes with an answering machine with up to 5 minutes of recording time. It has a standby time of 200 hours and a talk time of 12 hours.

With the Gigaset SL450A GO, you can set individual ringtones to your favorite entries.

Other features include call blocking functions, Picture Caller ID, SMS functions, hands-free speakerphone, and a built-in calendar.

The problem with this unit is that the call blocking function is not extensive.

6. KX-TGK222EW

This Panasonic phone has a vertical design and offers a talk time of 18 hours and a standby time of up to 200 hours.

The phone is ideal for your modern home or office and is one of the best phones available on the market today. It has 40 ringtones and flashes blue to alert users of incoming messages or calls.

The phone also comes with a 30-minute answering machine and a nuisance call blocking option, which you can use to block up to 50 numbers. It also has Do Not Disturb feature so it won't ring or light up when you want to be left alone.

The phone also has an Eco mode option, which cuts power consumption by 3.5% and signals output by almost 90%.

Other features include conference call functions, call waiting, call timer, illuminated controls, the last number redials, and SMS capabilities.

However, its user interface isn't the best when compared to rivals and has a limited contact book memory. The volume could be better.

7. BT 8610

The BT 8610 is affordable and comes with an excellent call blocking feature, which allows you to block up to 1000 individual members. The feature allows you to block phone calls by type: international, unknown, withheld, or payphone numbers.

BT 8610 has a talk time of up to 21 hours and a standby time of 310 hours.

This cordless phone also comes with a feature that screens incoming calls and messages so you can decide whether to accept them or not.

It also has a Do Not Disturb function, which will stop the calls and messages from interrupting your favorite show while still receiving calls and messages from your favorite contacts.

The BT 8610 features a backlit keypad and a large color display (4.6cm), which makes it user-friendly.

Other features include a 200 contact address book and Bluetooth connectivity.

The major problem is that it's less attractive.

Other Affordable Options

If the BT 8610 is still expensive for you, you can go for The AT&T EL52100 DECT 6.0 or VTech CS6719-2.

AT&T EL52100 DECT 6.0

AT&T EL52100 DECT 6.0 is not a pretty phone, especially when you compare it with Panasonic and Gigaset handsets, but it's reliable, affordable, and easy to use.

It has the general aspects: Backlit keypad, speaker capabilities, and a call waiting function. Besides, it has a large and easy-to-read Caller ID base.

The biggest problem with this phone is that its sound quality is not the best for a landline cordless phone.

VTech CS6719-2

This phone is quite far from the top when it comes to performance, but it'll get the job done.

It has excellent sound quality and features a backlit keypad that's easy to use.

Setting up this phone is also easy. Unfortunately, it has a very short battery life.

8. The KX-TGK320E

This Panasonic unit is available in black or white. It comes with a blue LED light between the handset and the base station that notifies users of incoming messages and calls.

The KX-TGK320E has direction-free charging, which means that you can put the handset on the base any way you like and will still be charged.

The phone stays off until a message comes or handset is placed. This feature not only reduces your energy bills but also keeps the atmosphere clean.

The Panasonic KX-TGK320E has a talk time of up to 18 hours and a standby time of up to 230 hours.

Additional features include Do Not Disturb option, caller ID display, call waiting, call transfer, nuisance call blocking, and conference calling.

The unit also comes with 40 ringtones, a clock, calendar, reminder, and an answering machine.

The problem with this Panasonic unit is that it has a limited answerphone recording time compared to Gigaset cordless phones. It also has a limited contact book.


This unit is 6mm thin and features a backlit keypad, 5.6cm black-on-white display, and white base station with a built-in answering machine.

The MOTOROLA IT.6.1 TX has a talk time of up to 7 hours and a standby time of up to 130 hours. It has a range of up to 300m outdoors and 50m indoors.

The main drawback is that it doesn't have advanced features like the other landline cordless phones. It doesn't offer an HD voice quality and nuisance call blocking functions.

Its contact address book can hold up to100 contacts, and its answering machine is limited to 30 minutes storing time.

When compared with the other landline cordless phones, the Graphical User Interface of MOTOROLA IT.6.1 TX is not the best.


The CL750A GO SCULPTURE features a shell-like handset and a GO-Box 100 base station, which has an inbuilt answering machine that's capable of recording up to 55 minutes of calls.

The CL750A comes with an Ethernet port so you can use the VOIP technology to make free internet calls. It has an exceptional GUI, which makes it easy to use.

Other features include HD Voice technology, which ensures crystal clear sound quality.

The problem with this phone is that its call blocking functionality is not the best, especially when you consider its competitors.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best cordless phone is not easy; it requires extensive research and guidance from an expert. But we've simplified the process for you. Our list of the best landline phones of 2021 will help you choose a phone that meets your needs.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to buy quality phones or other products.

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