Surviving in a World Struck by Disaster

When it comes to survival skills, most people think of bushcraft or homesteading. Although those are important, there are about fourteen skills that are necessities. These include: butchering, tanning, harness making, machining, electronics, general repair, blacksmithing, mechanics, medical, natural medicine, midwifery, chemistry, pastoral services, and engineering. Communities would be able to thrive with these skills and services available within their societies in a post-disaster world.

Butchering, Tanning, and Harness Making

Butchering, tanning, and harness making would ideallybe subjects that hunters are knowledgeable in. They butcher, clean, and skin the meat that they hunt. They understand how to acquire it and what to do after they’ve hunted down the animal.


Machining can be a valuable trade when it comes to not having modern machining. A machinist could merely use equipment powered by an animal or by water and make almost anything. This skill would be the key to rebuilding a civilized society. Blacksmithing is also in this category. It is KEY. A blacksmith could create almost anything when it comes to metal. These two skills will be born into this world again.


Electronics are a huge part of our world today. It is used in everyday life. Most likely, this amenity would be pretty much wiped out by a disaster. But due to warehouses being made of metal, engineers, technicians, and other knowledgeable people could put some things to good use!


Mechanics will be able to get old cars working again and making some parts usable for our other needs. Also a lot of amenities like cars for example will need to be repaired for use. So having some decent repairmen would be essential. Repairing and reusing will become apart of everyday life.


One of the most needed skills will be medicine. Doctors, nurses, and EMTs will be in high demand to treat injuries and illnesses. With disaster, there will most likely come disease and illness and injury. Anyone who can help will be urged to. Natural medicine will also help a lot because most modern medicines are based off something found in nature. Chemistry will play a role in medicine as well. We will need to learn to create medicines with minimal equipment and supplies.


Midwifery will be needed to keep the human race going. We will still need to reproduce. And throughout history, midwives delivered babies. So instead of using doctors/nurses for this job, we could use midwives. They are also prone to using natural methods, which will take care of most pregnancies.

Pastoral Services

Pastoral services will be needed for the adjustment to a different life. Pastors can be used for counseling. Their counseling may be faith based, but it will help nonetheless. Religion will help restore faith in humanity and give people hope. They can also perform tasks such as weddings, funerals, and baptisms.


Last but not least, engineering. Engineers create, design, install, and maintain. They will figure out how to put the world back together again and keep it working. In conclusion, all of these jobs and traits will help the world stay strong and go back to “normal.”

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