Personal Security Tips

Happy New Year! Let’s begin 2021 with a solid focus on your personal security. Here are a few personal security tips to keep in mind as you navigate this new challenging year.

Practice situational awareness

Remain vigilant to what’s going on around you, your home and workplace. If it’s suspicious: Be Bold, Report It!

Wether you're in a mall or a parking lot, move towards other people if someone looks or acts suspicious. 

Keep friends and family informed of your plans

When traveling, keep friends and family informed of your plans and updates. Send text messages, photos or call them so they know you’re safe. Remember to avoid posting on public social media sites while traveling to help avoid “advertising” that you’re out of town. This can easily make you, your vehicule or your home a target for theft.

Walk with your keys in your hand

Whenever you’re in a public parking garage, open lot or on side streets, you should always walk with your keys in your hand, ready to unlock the car or use the keys to sound the alarm if something looks suspicious.

If your car keys don't offer the panic button option, you can get a Safe Sound Personal Alarm for around $20 from Amazon.

Keep your car doors locked

This is important to safeguard personal belongings; remember, never leave your laptop or sensitive information in your vehicle (or your purse/wallet)!

As basic as this may sound, car window shades can make it hard for thieves to see a valuable item in your car and this alone can deter them from breaking into your car.

This is a cheap solution (around $20) that can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars if your car window is shattered and something valuable is stolen.

Reinforce online practises

Got young kids using the internet?  Continually reinforce online practices and monitor social interactions to ensure age-appropriate activities.

Your kids might also be unknowingly posting valuable information online like pictures of the inside of your home and parents whereabouts, which makes the house vulnerable for theft.


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