Pandemic: Do You Have the Right Survival Supplies?


What if an emergency happened and you weren't prepared to protect your family?

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic showed many people that they weren't really prepared for a global emergency. When the next one happens (and make no mistake, it will), it's important for you to have the right survival supplies.

Which supplies do you need to be pandemic-ready? Keep reading to discover our comprehensive guide.

The Right Food

During a pandemic, you don't know exactly how long you're going to be stuck inside the house. That's why it's important to stockpile the food. However, some foods are better than others.

You'll want to focus on nonperishable foods. You don't have to stock up on something really exotic. Instead, get more of the food that your family enjoys.

SPAM is a great choice because you can buy in bulk online and it lasts a really long time. Canned tuna is another good choice, and tuna sandwiches are usually a big hit with children.

When you shop for food, you basically need to ask yourself "what do we really want to eat for the next 30 days?"

Personal Protective Equipment

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us all the value of Personal Protective Equipment. PPE is not limited to doctors and nurses. If anyone in your home gets sick, you and your family will need your own PPE supply.

Retailers like Amazon allow you to buy 50-piece sets of disposable gowns that are comfortable, flexible, and unisex. They are great for staying safe around a sick person or even protecting yourself from dust outdoors.

It's good to buy PPE in bulk because these items never go bad and are useful during any pandemic.

Soap Stockpile

Soap is an important part of any survival gear. That's because soap helps you avoid infection, especially during a viral outbreak.

When a pandemic occurs, it can sometimes be difficult to find soap on the shelves. That's why we recommend stocking up on your favorite brands.

Irish Spring is a good brand because it works well as a refreshing shower soap or disinfecting soap by your sink. And a soap that helps naturally wake you up may come in handy if your coffee supplies are running low!

Emergency Kits

So far, we've focused on products that will help you survive inside your home. But what if you want to be safe both inside and outside of the house?

Companies like Survivorware offer thorough emergency kits that you can easily keep inside your home or quickly toss into your vehicle. And such kits have a little bit of everything, helping you prepare for unexpected emergencies.

Each kit includes things like a breathing mask, tweezers, bandages, baggies, blanket, and more. If you need to leave the house, this kit offers peace of mind knowing that you're ready for anything.

Water Filters

Preparing for a pandemic means embracing the classic wisdom: "Work smarter, not harder." That's especially true when finding water during an emergency.

For example, many people will panic and buy all of the water bottles from your local grocery store. Instead of trying to race them for the water, you can just go ahead and buy a water filter.

Products like the Brita Tap Water Filter System help transform your tap water into purified drinking water. Just remember to change the filters when needed and this purchase will definitely save you a lot of time and stress.

And when the pandemic is over, you might be pleasantly surprised to discover how much money a good filter can save you. Never buying another pack of water again will really add money back to your bank account!

Disinfectant Wipes

During COVID-19, most of our focus was on washing our hands to avoid passing on the infection. However, it's important to remember that external surfaces may carry infection as well.

That's why products like the ChemWipe Industrial Dry Wipes are so useful. After you add the sanitizing solution of your choice to this bucket, you have an industrial-sized wipe dispenser whenever you need it. 

You can use these wipes to cleanse any delivered packages that you receive before you touch them. That makes for a great way to avoid bringing infection inside the house.

For that matter, these wipes are perfect for wiping down groceries as you bring them inside. That makes disinfectant wipes one of the best ways to keep your family safe throughout a pandemic.

Solar Chargers for Electronics

Let's be honest: most of us take electricity for granted. If you should lose power for a long period of time, you'll realize how much we rely on electricity for our cellphones and other digital devices.

That's why you should invest in solar charges. For example, this solar charger is designed to help you power your iPhone with the power of the sun. 

It may sound like a bit of a luxury item, but your phone may be your only way to check on family and friends during a crisis. On top of that, your phone is your only way to call for emergency services if something any of your family needs immediate medical attention.

By getting solar chargers for your most important electronics, you can keep your family safe.

At Least 30 Days of Medication

Many of us rely on some form of medication for ourselves and our families and it's typical to pick this medication up on a weekly basis.

If at all possible, you should stock up on a 30-day supply of any prescription medicine your family needs. This will help out if your local pharmacy gets overwhelmed during a pandemic.

Stock up on over-the-counter medicine as well, such as a 500-count of Ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is a "drug of all trades" that can help with things like headaches, fevers, swelling, and more.

Survival Supplies: Ready for the Future?

Now you know which survival supplies will protect your family during a pandemic. But do you know how to safely keep in touch with your family no matter what?

To be prepared for the next global emergency, check out our buying guide to the best communication supplies. When a pandemic occurs, your family members will be just a click away.

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