Motorola RDU4100 Review

Looking to buy yourself a rugged two-way radio from a manufacturer you can trust?

Motorola two-way radios dominate the market, with various products on offer for customers like yourself to choose from.

But just which Motorola two-way radio should you be looking to purchase?

Well, we reckon the Motorola RDU4100 could be exactly the product you're looking for. Here's our rundown of the pros and cons in this review.

Hands-Free Capability

Do you need hands-free on your two-way radio? Then this model is perfect for you, at least if you purchase an additional hands-free attachment.

If you're working on the job, especially if you need your hands free to do other things, having hands-free can make all the difference. And you're not stuck with just one hands-free attachment, either.

Motorola offer earloop, agent, and throat mic-style hands-free attachments for use with this radio model, perfect for a variety of different working environments. If you need something more traditional, you can also purchase a headset-style attachment instead.

Impressive Range

If you need to communicate with your friends or colleagues over some distance, you need a radio that has enough power. With a 4-watt radio transmitter, the RDU4100 should be perfectly reasonable for your needs.

Radios like this one operate on the UHF band, and with this kind of powerful transmitter, you could easily achieve range over a few miles. If it's an open area with few obstacles, you may be able to stretch the range over several miles.

Just take into account your working site, first. Walls, barriers, other transmission equipment and even overgrown trees can disrupt signal quality and range.

Secure, Business Frequencies Available

Do you need to operate on private channels? The RDU4100 has no less than 89 different business-reserved UHF bands it can operate on, so it's perfect for business use.

The benefits don't stop there, either. This two-way radio can encrypt communications on these frequencies using Private Line and Digital Private Line, Motorola's privacy systems for two-way radios.

Want to purchase the RDU4100 for personal use instead? Here are three fun ways you could use a set of two-way radios like this one.

Customized Programmable Settings

With specialized programmable settings on this radio available for consumers, the options to customize the setup of their RDU4100 are pretty wide-ranging, but there is one caveat. To do so, you need a USB programming cable, available for purchase from the manufacturer.

If you get the cable, however, and you're looking to set up several radios at once, the job couldn't be easier. You can copy individual radio profiles, including preferred frequencies, to several devices with ease.

The software to program these devices can be downloaded for free here.

Dynamic Talkaround Scan

Another great feature on the RDU4100 is something called 'dynamic talkaround scan,' but if you're not a two-way radio expert, you might not know what this means.

Well, it allows your radio to automatically switch between 'talkaround' and 'repeater' modes. In talkaround mode, your two-way radios are communicating with each other directly, from A to B, or B to A.

In repeater mode, your device will transmit to a repeater station which can transmit your signal to any other devices with more power, allowing it to reach other radios further.

If you're operating with one device in different environments, this makes setting up specifics much easier. You don't need to worry about switching modes, because the RDU4100 will do it for you!

High-Quality Audio

The RDU4100 has a truly world-class set of audio features, so if you're concerned about muffled voices, you shouldn't be.

This Motorola radio has wind and noise reduction built in, so if you're operating in the elements, you should still be able to hold a conversation easily. A wide variety of radio frequencies to switch to can help you resolve any outside interference.

It's loud, too. The radio has a 2000 milliwatt output, so communication should be fine no matter the noise level around you. And with customizable volume, you can alter your radios sound to match different noise levels.

Strong Battery Life

With a high-powered lithium-ion battery, the RDU4100 is rated for approximately 18 hours of battery life, so it can last the full length of the working day.

If you need a little extra, however, there are alternatives. Motorola offers an optional higher capacity battery with around 26 hours of charge.

Even if you're not looking to use this as your primary battery, it could be useful for long operations, or as a spare to swap out if your primary battery loses charge.

With such significant battery life on offer, this two-way radio is perfect for all-day business use.

Water Resistant, but Not Waterproof

The only downside to this Motorola two-way radio is in its waterproof rating. It doesn't have one.

It's described as 'water resistant,' so if you get it a little wet, it's going to be fine. Don't expect it to last in torrential rain or during monsoon, however. If you intend to use it outdoors, just be aware of this.

It's adequately protected, however, against other types of contaminants such as dust. It can also withstand shocks, so if you managed to drop it, it should be okay.

You can find the full product specifications for the RDU4100, including detailed radio performance figures, from the manufacturer website.

We Recommend the Motorola RDU4100

In this Motorola RDU4100 review, we've tried to balance out the pros and cons, but to be honest with you, there isn't much to dislike about a two-way radio like this one.

It's a rugged device with long battery life, clear audio, and with access to specific business frequencies, it's an ideal choice for the working environment. However, if you're looking for something that is completely waterproof, you might need to look elsewhere.

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