Motorola APX 6000 P25 Review

Would you like to be able to communicate with friends and family members, without having to pay the same call charges you would with a mobile phone?

Are you concerned about public safety, keeping track of your party during an event, or the overall security of your office building?

If so, then it sounds like you're already in the market for a portable two-way radio.

But with so many different options on the market today, it can be tough to know which one to choose.

We can't recommend the Motorola APX 6000 P25 highly enough -- but why is it the right choice for you?

Keep on reading this Motorola APX 6000 P25 review to find out.

We'll tell you more about it's features, why it's such a stellar model, and how it works with the other technology you're already using.

By the end, we're convinced you'll be ready to buy.

The Basic Features of the Motorola APX 6000 P25

First of all, let's begin this portable radio review by talking about the specific features of this model.

You should know that this two-way radio has a battery life of anywhere from eight to ten hours. This means that it's perfect for things like enabling communication between you and your front desk security officers, or helping to keep an event running smoothly.

It's also one of the more lightweight models on the market -- despite its ability to work in more rugged settings. It's also perfectly designed to give you the best possible grip. So, even if you're on the go in slippery conditions, you won't drop it.

And if you're caught in a sudden downpour? Don't worry. The Motorola APX 6000 P25 can be placed in as much as two meters of water for about four hours. So, it can certainly survive the rain.

Users are also drawn to the excellent design of the interface and display. You'll get notifications in a moment's notice, and you can quickly check out the battery life you have left.

This portable radio even organizes different notifications using color-coding methodology.

It even comes with encryption, so that you can feel especially secure when you're using this Motorola portable radio to communicate. Additional security features include two-factor authentication, over-the-air-re-key, and even more levels of basic data encryption.

In short?

You can rest easy knowing that the only people who are listening in on your conversation are those who you've given the radio to. Plus, since it comes with noise reduction software, you can easily turn down the volume for a more private conversation.

WiFi and the Motorola APX 6000

Of course, in today's world especially, it can be tough to imagine doing anything without a solid WiFi connection.

If you decide to purchase the Motorola APX 6000 P25, you won't have to go without Internet for a moment.

You can easily connect to a nearby WiFi network, which makes it incredibly easy to download and install software updates for your device. This portable radio also works perfectly well with your Bluetooth and adaptive audio engine.

So, no matter where you are or which wireless accessory you need to use, this portable two-way radio can make it happen.

Plus, with a channel capacity of about 1,250, you'll be able to talk to tons of different people.

Getting Lost

Many people decide to use a portable two-way radio so that they can quickly and easily reconnect with people who may have gotten lost or separated from a group.

In these situations, it's essential to re-establish the line of communication as quickly as possible.

This is one of our favorite things about the Motorola APX 6000 P25.

First of all, it comes equipped with an Emergency Find Me feature in addition to the standard GPS offered by many portable radios.

This Find Me feature actually lets users send out an immediate distress signal. So, even if someone does get lost, they won't have to stay that way for long.

However, that's not the only GPS feature that we love.

It also comes with what's called geofencing. So, when the first people on the scene are able to connect with the missing person?

These responders will also be immediately linked to each other. So, they can communicate quickly on the same channel.

In an emergency situation, every second counts. Not having to waste time trying to find the right channel can quite literally save a life.

We also love that this comes with GPS, because it allows those who want to use these radios for corporate purposes to track their employees. The reality is that time theft is on the rise in the workplace.

These radios help you to be sure that your team members really are where they're supposed to be.

Ready to Invest in the Motorola APX 6000 P25?

We hope that this post has shown you just a few of the many reasons why the Motorola APX 6000 P25 is likely the best portable radio option for you.

Whether you're interested in using this model for business or for more recreational purposes, you can't go wrong with all of the features it offers.

Especially if you're in the market for a device with high GPS capabilities, this is the one to shop for.

Looking for additional advice on two-way portable radios? Want to read reviews of some of the other popular products on the market?

We've got you covered.

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