Lost and Found: The Best Bluetooth Trackers of 2019

Living in today’s fast-paced world surely has its benefits but not everyone can keep up with this ever-increasing momentum. Studies have shown that people mostly tend to forget things that are a “given” in some sense; the most mundane of activities such as picking up your keys or wallet before leaving the house.

Thankfully, technology stepped in to counter the widespread short attention span and forgetfulness by offering the Bluetooth Trackers. These amazing items ensure that you will never lose your personal belongings, your pets, or even your children ever again.

Just like any other product, you should take the time to educate yourself and learn about the best models on the market and the important features that perfectly fit your needs.


Definition of a Bluetooth Tracker

Have you ever been looking for your wallet and jokingly thought if you could just call it so it could ring and you’d find it? Well now you can! The Bluetooth Trackers can be attached to virtually anything and you can contact it by using your phone.
It gets better! Most models can be connected to a mobile app through which you can locate the tracker on a map.

That’s not all, specialized trackers can be used for pets and, more importantly, toddlers. In the latter case, you can use it as an additional baby monitor providing you with the much needed peace of mind as well as time saving you a lot of time.


How Does It Work?

Two words: Bluetooth Technology. In simple terms, once you decide to contact the tracker, short-range waves are transmitted from your device searching for the paired item. Once the tracker is found, it sends the wave back to you and it rings.


Devices that Operate a Bluetooth Tracker

Most models are not limited to cell phones, you can also link it to a tablet or even a desktop. Make sure you check the devices you’re buying since not all products have the same features and you need the one that best fits your need.


Using the Bluetooth Tracker

You should ask yourself where will you use this product or what will you use it on. This allows you to specify your goal and subsequently purchase the right model for you.

As previously mentioned, not all trackers are the same which means the ones that you might want to attach on a key chain have different properties than the ones you can hook on a collar for your pet. 


Paying the Ongoing Costs

Another thing to consider is the ongoing costs that come with buying a bluetooth tracker. These items include mandatory follow-up purchases since most models have standardized batteries. In other words, you have to buy them from the manufacturer and that might be a bit more expensive.


Important Features in a Bluetooth Tracker

As you can imagine, you should keep a look out for distinct features that make the tracker as beneficial as possible.



You shouldn’t expect to have the same range as shortwave radios (obviously!) but you can still find products that offer the needed power and more. Trackers are designed to stay effective even through all the obstructions found in a house so you won’t have any problems there.

Small Size

Size is really important here since a smaller, more compact model makes it easier for you to attach or slip it almost anywhere. Some trackers are as thin as an ID card.


Trackers tend to fall down a lot because they’re generally attached to small objects such as wallets or keys and these tend to fall down a lot. With that being said, make sure you pick a heavy-duty model that could outlast most impacts.

Smart Design

In most cases, the tracker will be visible however, some models blend in with their surroundings while others have a slick design making them pleasing to the eye.

Water Resistance

This may not sound like a necessary feature but it wouldn’t hurt to have it, especially if you plan on using the tracker on your pet. Most items are water resistant by themselves and those who aren’t come with a waterproof pouch.


This isn’t essentially vital as well however, it could be really important in some situations. Basically, devices made by a certain company are all interlinked on the same network. Let’s say you lost your keys and you’re not close to them anymore, if another user is in their proximity, the mobile application will automatically alert you by sharing the location of your keys.
Don’t be alarmed though, that other person will never know anything about this which maintains your privacy.

Additional Features

Other interesting but not essential features include a remote control function, an MP3 player, or even out-of-range alerts.


Two-Way Signal reviews the best Bluetooth Trackers

As you can imagine, Bluetooth Trackers are not vital if you’re trying to survive in a world struck by disaster but they can make your daily tasks a lot easier. Now that you’ve learned what makes these items so great, it’s time to discover the best models on the market.


Tile EC-11001 Style Bluetooth Tracker

In today’s world, Tile is synonymous with Bluetooth Trackers; it’s simply one of the best companies out there thanks to its versatile products. The Tile Style is no different since it contains all the features that you might need, and more.

Pros of the Tile EC-11001 Style

  • Amazing Range: Exceeding 60 meters (200 ft.) in terms of range which is almost double the average.
  • Loud Ringtone: With great range comes great tones! The Style is now louder than ever allowing you to hear it even if it was several rooms away.
  • Find Your Phone: A reverse feature through which you can use the tracker to find your phone and not the other way around.
  • Tile Community: Range becomes obsolete when millions of users are helping you find your lost belongings.

Cons of the Tile EC-11001 Style

Some customers reported that their purchase was defected on arrival. Not to worry though, their support team is always ready to help.

Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker

Another fine product from Tile, the Mate model is a top-selling item in its category and the reasons for that are pretty obvious: It’s simple to use even with the spectrum of features.

Pros of the Tile Mate

  • Last Seen Feature: Apart from the usual ringtone and map location, this product tells you where you last encountered the item you’re looking for.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Smaller than most models which makes it easier to place almost anywhere.
  • Excellent Battery: You can use this tracker for more than a year before changing the battery.
  • Water resistant: It will definitely survives a small splash but it’s not completely waterproof.

Cons of the Tile Mate

A small amount of devices died within the first few months of usage. As previously mentioned though, the company is always ready to take in any complaints.

Tile Slim Bluetooth Tracker

Tile just keeps on giving and every product has some sort of distinctive feature. The Slim is known for its thinness which means that you can literally place it anywhere.

Pros of the Tile Slim

  • Incomparably Thin: You won’t feel any difference if you place it in your wallet or even attach it on any device.
  • Amazing Compatibility: This tracker can be used with most operating systems. (iOS, Android,..)
  • Last Seen Feature: Apart from the usual ringtone and map location, this product tells you where you last encountered the item you’re looking for.
  • Cheap Upgrades: After owning this product for a whole year, you can trade it in for a newer version without paying the whole price.

Cons of the Tile Slim

This issue is not limited to this model in particular however, some Slim units have had connectivity problems which was frustrating for some users.

Tile Sport Bluetooth Tracker

A bit bigger and heavier than the other models, the Sport is made to withstand most shocks without breaking. The rugged design can be really useful for pets or children.

Pros of the Tile Sport

  • Durable design: This tracker is ready for anything and stays functional even after taking a harsh fall.
  • Waterproof: With an IP68 rating, you can submerge this model for 30 minutes at a maximum depth of 1.5 meters.
  • Find Your Phone: A reverse feature through which you can use the tracker to find your phone and not the other way around.
  • Tile Community: Range becomes obsolete when millions of users are helping you find your lost belongings.

Cons of the Tile Sport

Some Sport units didn’t ring when needed which was frustrating for the customers who bought them. Keep in mind that you can always get in touch with Tile for support.

Cube Bluetooth Tracker

With items such as this time, you realize that Tile is not the only company specialized in bluetooth trackers. The Cube also offers all the necessary features, with a twist.

Pros of the Cube Tracker

  • Locate your Phone: Use this tracker to make your cell phone ring, vibrate, or even flash.
  • Replaceable Battery: Even though it lasts for more than a year, you can replace the battery once depleted instead of buying a new tracker.
  • Shutter Button: Use the tracker as a shutter button when taking photos.
  • Separation Alarm: the device will alert you if you’re leaving without your belongings.

Cons of the Cube Tracker

A small percentage of users reported that the range is far less than advertised. Some customers even said that they couldn’t make the tracker ring even when it was in the same room.


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