Home Security 101:  Basic Tips for Securing Your Home Against Unwanted Visitors

Your home doesn’t need to be as secure as a military installation to keep you and your family safe from unwanted visitors or intruders. However, there are some basic home security measures you should take now that don’t involve emptying your pocketbook, and some inexpensive ways to make your home a little less of a target. Here are some tips to consider in order to secure your home against unwanted visitors:

What is the easiest way to break into your home?

Look around your home and put yourself in the intruder's shoes, what would you do if you had to get in.

Keep the doors and windows locked

We all know we should do this, but we all know it doesn’t happen all the time. Make sure all doors are locked at night and every time we leave the house.

Keep spare keys with a neighbor you trust, and never under a doormat or a planter.

Install Dummy Cameras

You can find dummy cameras on Amazon. Obviously cameras of any variety will not stop an intruder, but they may think twice about entering your home.


Notice I didn’t say “Alarm Systems" They are great to have if you can afford it, but there are other low-cost options, Something as simple as Christmas bells over doorways could give you a little advance warning.

Here is a link to a very good home security checklist that you can use to assess your homes current level of security and then you can make your own determination on how best to improve your current level of security.

When was the last time you worked on securing your home against unwanted visitors? Whenever that was, make sure to revisit frequently.

Do your research on the best devices to secure your home and choose the one that's right for you. You don't necessarily have to buy the most expensive or the fanciest option.

For the ultimate protection and if your house is not enough, you might want to take a look at this article about bunkers.

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