Challenging the Elements: The Best Waterproof Two-Way Radios

Wouldn’t be great if you could get yourself a two-way radio that is not affected by the weather? Not just that, but you could also take it with you on every adventure without worrying that it might malfunction or stop working. These waterproof devices are made to withstand the test of the elements whether you’re deep in the mountains or out at sea.

Moreover, such radios are perfect in case of an emergency since they will handle almost every bad situation that you might find yourself in. However, before making a choice, make sure you learn about all the necessary features that should exist in these products.


Definition of a Waterproof Two-Way Radio

As you can imagine, these are walkie-talkies that could send and receive messages over a relatively long range. That’s not all, the word “Waterproof” here does not necessarily mean that they can only survive a fall in a pond or in the river. That specific term can refer to several element-fighting capabilities depending on the radio’s rating.


Different Waterproof Categories

It’s important that you differentiate between weather and water while understanding the contrast between resistant and proof.

Weather and/or Water Resistant

When you read the word Resistant you should understand that the device is capable of withstanding certain conditions but it’s not fully invulnerable to water or other weather factors.
Weather commonly refers to dust or vapor while Water means rain or droplets. In short, this radio won’t be destroyed if it was splashed or placed in a dusty location.

Weatherproof and/or Waterproof

Either of these terms means that the device is completely sealed and won’t be affected by weather conditions. You should know though that a Weatherproof device can still be ruined if it fell under water which is why you should always seek the Waterproof label. The latter means that even if the radio was totally submerged, you can still pull it out, wipe it, and use it normally.

It’s also important to familiarize yourself with JIS and IP ratings since it tells you how long will the product last underwater and for how long. Keep in mind that even if it was waterproof, it doesn’t mean that it’ll last forever under the surface.


The Purpose of a Waterproof Radio

In order to know which option fits you best, it’s necessary to think about where will you take the radio with you and how you intend to use it. If you like to go camping or hunting for example, a water resistant model should be enough. However, if you plan on going on a boat or participating in aquatic activities then you will definitely need something that’s waterproof.


Should You Just Purchase a Marine Radio?

A Marine VHF Radio is not only a waterproof device but it offers additional features that allow you to communicate with other boats or even contact the Coast Guard. In other words, if you tend to go out to sea a lot and you need more than just waterproofing then yes, buy a marine radio.


Important Features in a Waterproof Two-Way Radio

As you’ve probably guessed, there are some principal functionalities that separate these items from the rest.



It should be obvious why this characteristic is the first on this list. You’re looking for a WATERPROOF radio which is why you should familiarize yourself with the rating system and pick a device accordingly.


Again, you’re buying a waterproof radio so you’re probably planning on using it near a body of water. You will come to appreciate buoyancy then since you won’t worry about it falling off the boat, for example. If it’s buoyant, it will float to the surface so you could easily pick it up.

Transmission Range

You should know by now that a radio’s range is tremendously affected by nearby obstacles; this is generally the case of most long-range two-way radios. The range usually written on the box is virtually unattainable but you can get really close to it if you’re in an open field or in the ocean.

Weather Alerts

It may not sound that necessary but knowing about rain in advance can be a form of waterproofing; a precautionary measure in some sense. Some radios have built-in NOAA alerts that will notify you of any storm that’s heading your way.


Additional Useful Features

There are several attributes that are not exactly essential but can make your life a lot easier. You should remember that these are considered add-ons and will definitely increase the radio’s price.



This is useful on almost any device! You will be constantly aware of your location, set a specific destination, or even track your journey. Whether you’re on land or at sea, this is definitely helpful.

Noise Reduction

Numerous features deal with unwanted interferences and background noises by eliminating them. That way you will have a clear conversation without worrying about the sound coming from the boat engine.

Voice Activated Transmit

Also known as VOX, you will be able to use the radio hands-free since you can benefit from voice commands.


Just like any electronic item on the market, having a warranty will put your mind at ease since it guarantees that you won’t have to pay for repairs, if needed. Make sure you read the policy carefully because not all companies offer total coverage.

Rewind and Replay

Some radios allow you to replay messages that you skipped. This requires a memory storage and the Rewind functionality. You will never miss a transmission with this one!


Two-Way Signal Reviews the Best Waterproof Radios

It’s time to shop! Check out these top picks below and choose the one that best fits your needs.


Olympia R100 Waterproof Two-Way Radios

This is the most expensive option on this list but rightfully so. Apart from its rugged structure, the R100 bolsters an impressive range.

Pros of the Olympia R100

  • Powerful Model: you will probably find written on the box “Up to 37 miles” and that’s slightly more than the average radio usually offers. Keep in mind that this is the range in optimum, unobstructed conditions.
  • Ready for Emergencies: it includes a LED light that allows other people to locate you in case something bad happens.
  • Weather Channels: tap into NOAA weather channels and benefit from the alerts and notifications.
  • Dust Resistant: you won’t have to worry about dust particles or even rain drops.
  • Additional Accessories: you will receive a package that contains battery packs, user’s manual, belt clips, and a charging cable.

Cons of the Olympia R100

One would expect to receive a fully waterproof radio when paying almost 150$ but it’s not the case here; although it’s water and weather resistant, it’s not completely sealed.

Uniden SX507-2CKHS Two-Way Radio

A slightly cheaper option, the SX507-2CKHS is fully-packed with all the features that you will ever need, and even a bit more.

Pros of the Uniden SX507-2CKHS

  • Perfectly Waterproof: with a JIS7 rating, this radio will handle a fall under water and even stay there for almost half an hour without suffering any noticeable damage.
  • Buoyant: this device will float on the surface if dropped in water. This is extremely helpful if you’re out at sea.
  • Numerous Channels: expect to have 22 channels in addition to 142 privacy codes.
  • Amazing Battery Life: the radio will be operational for 14 hours on a single charge. That’s not all, it’s equipped with rechargeable batteries.
  • NOAA Channels and Alerts: you will definitely be notified if there’s a sudden change in the weather.

Cons of the Uniden SX507-2CKHS

A small percentage of reviews reported that this product had terrible range. Moreover, sime batteries seemed to be defective since they didn’t last as advertised.

Cobra ACXT1035R FLT Two-Way Radios

A best-selling model, Cobra knows how to make radios. The ACXT1035R has all the necessary features but also looks pretty cool (Who can say no to that?).

Pros of the Cobra ACXT1035R FLT

  • Sufficient Waterproofing: it may not last under water for an extended period of time but it nothing will happen if it’s dropped in a pond.
  • Elegant Model: the colors, the structure, and the all-round design make this radio really desirable.
  • Great Privacy: you can choose to encrypt your transmissions by using a code.
  • Backlit Display: continue benefiting from this device at night thanks to the backlit display.
  • Additional Accessories: the package includes a flashlight and even a USB port.

Cons of the Cobra ACXT1035R FLT

The screen location and quality of display makes it hard sometimes to understand the displayed information.

DeWALT DXFRS800 Business Two-Way Radios

A long-range, multi-channel option. The DXFRS800 makes the cut because it ranks high in terms of waterproofing.

Pros of the DeWALT DXFRS800

  • Secured Channels: 22 presets that include privacy codes so no one can listen in while you chat.
  • Shock Resistant: nothing should happen to the radio if it’s dropped from a height of 2 meters:
  • Rated IP67: this means that it’s completely sealed against dust and can be submerged for 30 minutes at a maximum depth of 1 meter.
  • VOX: you won’t need your hands when using this device thanks to the voice-activated transmission.
  • 360 ĚŠ Swivel Holster: change positions by rotating the radio any way you desire.

Cons of the DeWALT DXFRS800

Honestly, you can’t say anything negative about the DXFRS800. It has all these awesome features and it’s relatively cheap at the same time. It’s important to note though that a very limited amount of customers said that the antenna can easily break.

Motorola T600 Talkabout Radio

The least expensive model here, the T600 is perfect for both amateurs and advanced users for the following purposes.

Pros of the Motorola T600

  • Perfectly Waterproof: similar to the previous product, this one also has a rating of IP67. Last for half an hour while completely submerged at 1 meter.
  • Buoyant: it will also float directly when dropped in water.
  • Contact and Emergency Alert: the radio will emit a power LED light when it touches water. There’s also a built-in flashlight.
  • Universal Compatibility: you’ll be able to communicate with any other radio and not just those that have the same brand as you.
  • Weather Notifications: you will always be up to date with the latest weather changes.

Cons of the Motorola T600

It’s said that this model is not that powerful which means it has a relatively short range when compared to similar radios.


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