Bunkers for Survival: Pros and Cons

One big issue for people who are preparing for disaster is determining where they are going to ride out the disaster and the aftermath. For most people, this would be their home. We can’t all afford a fancy survival retreat somewhere in the woods. But staying home may not be the best answer. We will all need a bug out plan of some sort. We’ll need a pre-planned destination. You want it to be far enough from your home so you won’t be affected by what’s happening there. And you also want it to be close enough so you can get there quick. Some build a bunker off in the woods somewhere, and others build them under their house. But is a bunker an ideal survival retreat or not?

Where Did Bunkers Come From?

The idea of bunkers came in response to artillery. From cannons to airplanes dropping bombs, safe rooms were needed. People needed somewhere to retreat to and be safe. By building your safe room or bunker underground, the earth helps as armor plating. And as technology progressed, the need for a safe room increased. Bombs became less rare, rich people started paying for concrete “bomb shelters.” Every war continued to increase the need, and now they’ll be essential for survival.

Pros of Bunkers

Mankind has created many things but the bunkers provide the greatest possible protection from aerial bombardment. Bunkers are known for surviving wars. We don’t have to worry about aerial bombardment as much these days. We only face one threat at this point, thermonuclear war. Should North Korea go through with his threats and start sending nukes our way, a bunker may be your best chance of survival. It wouldn’t survive a direct hit, so make sure you’re not too close to big cities or military bases.

Cons of Bunkers

Most people building bunkers these days are talking about using them to protect themselves from social unrest, not a nuclear war. These people are counting on their bunkers to protect them from the people outside, they just have to wait out this issue. This idea has some major flaws. Bunkers can’t necessarily hide you from the “bad guys.” It may be harder to find you, but they will. You also always need more than one exit. You need an escape route. Another weakness is that you’ll need a way of getting air in the bunker. Humans need oxygen and hiding the air tube isn’t easy.

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