Best Wireless Doorbell of 2021

If your house doesn't come equipped with a doorbell, installing one can seem like a pain. You have to put in the wiring, find a discreet place to hide the speaker, try to find one that comes with a tone you can live with for the rest of your days - right?


Wireless doorbells offer a great DIY alternative to traditional doorbells. They come with none of the setup hassle and all the customization options that wired doorbells never could. Read on to find out which best wireless doorbell of 2021 is the right choice to jazz up your home.

Heiyo Wood Grain Series

If you're looking for a stylish doorbell that will be a beautiful addition to the front of your home, the Heiyo Wood Grain Series is a choice for you. This doorbell has a lovely natural wood finish on both the doorbell and the receiver and is available for less than $50. It comes with a complete install kit that includes screws and an adhesive strip.

The Wood Grain Series has fifty-two different chime tones you can choose from to find the perfect sound to welcome guests into your home. The typical range on the receiver is 600 feet, and you can add additional receivers to make sure you can hear it in every part of the house. It performs well in most weather, though the transmitter battery tends to run out quickly.

1byone Easy Chime

If you want a versatile doorbell for a budget price, the 1byone is the way to go. This little doorbell comes in at under $10 and features thirty-six different ringtones. It is simple to install using either screws or the adhesive strips which come included in the kit.

This doorbell has the unique capability of pairing one receiver with multiple push buttons - up to five. If you want to place a doorbell at every entrance to your home, the Easy Chime will let you do so. But if you're one for the classics, you should be aware that the Easy Chime doesn't have a classic doorbell sound as one of its thirty-six chime options.

Avantek D-3W-A

The Avantek D-3W-A offers a good middle-of-the-line doorbell at a reasonable price. It comes with an easy-to-use installation kit, and its stereo speaker provides better sound quality than many wireless doorbells. It has fifty-two ringtone options and comes with two receivers included.

The D-3W-A has five volume levels for you to choose from, with the loudest maxing out at a whopping 115 decibels. It also has a memory feature that preserves your volume and tone preferences, even in the case of a power outage. At a little over $25, it's a good doorbell for an affordable price.

Honeywell RCWL300 Premium

Honeywell has constructed a doorbell that looks like it's from the future and has the capacity to go the distance in the RCWL300 Premium. This doorbell can connect to up to three buttons, as well as motion detectors and door contacts, for a security system that's only missing a laser maze. It only has three chime tune options, but its receiver comes equipped with three discreet visual signals.

Furthermore, this doorbell is battery-operated and has an astounding 450-foot range. Its self-learning code system adjusts with use to avoid picking up miscellaneous interference, such as that squirrel that loves to sit on the front lawn and tease your dogs. Yours for $30, you can count on having a house straight out of a James Bond movie with this bad boy.

Magicfly 2 Pack

The Magicfly 2 Pack, as its name might suggest, comes with two transmitters and two receivers, ensuring that both entrances to your home are covered. The sleek black casing on these doorbells calls to mind the top hat and coattails of a magician about to unveil his latest wonder - a doorbell equipped with fifty-two chime options and a receiver that never has to be recharged. It has a 200-meter range and comes with a simple DIY installation kit.

The casing on this gorgeous little doorbell is flame-retardant and waterproof, making it one of the most rugged doorbells on the market. You may have to reset it after a power outage, but don't worry. With a $25-dollar price tag and coding that prevents outside interference, the Magicfly will always draw just the right crowd.

Voye 72-20488

If you'd like a view out on the world from your front door (or if you'd like to see if it's the Mormons ringing your doorbell at 8:30 on a Saturday before you get out of bed), the Voye 72-20488 is the doorbell for you. The Voye comes equipped with a motion-activated camera that has a wireless range of 250 feet. And, of course, it also functions as a doorbell, with ten different chime options for you to choose from.

The Voye can be accessed remotely in case you want to check out what's going on outside your door, even when the motion sensor isn't picking anything up. And the price is impossible to argue with. Your own personal security camera for less than $10 - you won't get a better deal anywhere.

Physen Europe Style

The Physen Europe Style is every bit as classy as it sounds. With a sleek black and white body and blue LEDs that will make you feel like you're living on the starship Enterprise, this futuristic doorbell has a range of 1000 feet. It's easy to install and comes with two push buttons and three receivers.

The Europe Style comes with fifty-two chimes for you to choose from, meaning you can change to a different tone each week. It even has Christmas carol chimes for some festive holiday fun! And at less than $35, it's a solid choice for a wireless doorbell.

SadoTech CXR

The SadoTech CXR is a nice reliable doorbell with a logo-free design that's sleek and elegant. It comes with one push button and two transmitters, and the unit's long range means you can space the transmitters throughout your house with no worry of interference. Each receiver also has a blue LED indicator to make sure you never miss someone at the door.

The SadoTech doorbell comes with fifty ringtones for you to choose from, and the volume is adjustable. Its casing is waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor use. With a price tag of $25, it's an excellent little doorbell for a fantastic price.

Ring Video 2

The Ring Video 2 is the Cadillac of wireless doorbells. It comes with a motion-activated camera that shoots high-quality 1080p video and saves a recording. It can be paired with a desktop or mobile app, allowing you to see what's at your door at any time.

If you have packages stolen off your front porch, the Ring Video 2 can allow you to catch the culprit. Or if the Girl Scouts come by when you've just stepped out of the shower, this doorbell also has a speaker that will let you tell them to wait one minute or to come back later.

You will have to be prepared to pay for what you get, however; the Ring Video 2 carries a $200 price tag.

Honeywell Series 9

If you want a doorbell that is entirely tailored to your tastes, the Honeywell Series 9 is the right choice for you. This doorbell doesn't just come with multiple ring tone options - it can be programmed to play any MP3 file when someone rings your door. Now, we aren't saying "All Star" by Smash Mouth is the best doorbell chime choice, but it just might be the most awesome one of all time.

The Honeywell Series 9 also comes with a sleep mode that allows you to set times to mute the doorbell so you aren't disturbed. Heads up to all you parents with young kids out there - this doorbell can save you the terror of someone waking up the baby you just got to sleep. And best of all, for only $40, you can have the single most awesome doorbell on your entire block (as somebody once told me).

Bodyguard Wireless Doorbell

The Bodyguard offers lovely minimalist design, long-lasting battery life, and a good operating range. The casing is a clean white, and the kit comes with one push button and two receivers. While the receivers plug into the wall, the push button is battery-operated and has an estimated battery life of 15 months.

The Bodyguard comes with thirty-six tones for you to choose from. The casing is dust- and rain-resistant and is made with entirely recyclable components. At less than $20, this is a solid choice for anyone looking for a rugged, energy-efficient doorbell.

Adoric Life

The Adoric Life offers a good budget option to anyone looking to get a good wireless doorbell on the cheap. The design of this doorbell looks almost alien, with a white casing and geometric LED highlights. It comes with one push button and one receiver that plugs into a wall outlet.

The Adoric Life has thirty-six ringtone options that can play at a volume range of twenty to eighty decibels. The LEDs on the receiver flash when the button is pushed, adding a helpful cue for the hearing impaired. This doorbell costs only $12, making it one of the best budget doorbells available.

Honeywell RDWL515A2000/E

Honeywell is clearly leading the pack in terms of all-out cool wireless doorbell options. While their RDWL515A2000/E may not have the most melodious name, it makes up for it with some pretty sweet features. For instance, the receiver comes with an LED band around the edge that lights up whatever color you choose when someone rings your doorbell.

But wait - you haven't heard the best part yet. You can pair multiple push button transmitters to this receiver and assign each transmitter a different color, meaning you can tell by visual cue what door a visitor is at. Now really, what better way could you spend your $35 than that?

Homasy Wireless Doorbell

Homasy makes a good solid choice if you're looking for a doorbell that gets the job done and doesn't use up too much power. It has a range of 600 feet, a manageable distance for most homes, and the kit comes with one push button transmitter and one receiver. However, multiple transmitters can be paired with the same receiver if you want to cover all entrances to your home.

The Homasy doorbell has fifty-two chime options and comes with an easy-to-use installation kit. Its maximum volume is 110 decibels, and its case is waterproof, meaning it can stand up to some harsh weather. At $12, this doorbell is a steal and a good no-frills option.

GE Wireless Doorbell Kit 30393

If you want a doorbell that has a gorgeous, polished design, look no further than the GE 30393. The name may not be elegant, but this satin nickel casing certainly is. The kit comes with two transmitters and one equally-gorgeous receiver that will immediately class up your home.

The eight tone options this model offers include classics such as "Westminster" and "Tango," as well as the more traditional doorbell chime. The wireless range is 150 feet, and the receiver and transmitter are both battery-operated. Best of all, this gorgeous addition to your home will only set you back $25.

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A wireless doorbell can be a fantastic way to add a doorbell to a home without having to call in an electrician, a carpenter, and all the kings horses and men. Just stick the transmitter to your doorframe, set up the receiver wherever you like in the house, and make sure you never miss another guest. And seriously - given the option, you should always choose "All Star" to welcome visitors to your home.

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