Best Walkie Talkie Sets of 2019

Walkie talkies are still some of the most reliable communication devices out there for both short and long range. Here are the best walkie talkie sets of 2019.

Over 1 million people used the walkie-talkie app Zello on the day Hurricane Irma hit the Caribbean.

Walkie talkies are still very important means of communicating where cell phones fail to delivery. The Zello app only works in the presence of WiFi or cell phone service, of course. The best walkie talkie will work across a 50-mile radius, regardless of the weather.

Walkie talkies are also important tools for communicating sensitive information. Whether it's a matter of national security, survival, or convenience, there's a walkie-talkie for everyone. To help you pick out the best handheld device for you, this guide will break down each important feature.

We'll give you our picks for this year's best of the best. But, before we start, let's look at which components of a walkie-talkie to focus on.

Features of a Walkie-Talkie

Before we jump into our reviews, it's important to know which parts of a walkie-talkie affect the performance.


There are two categories of walkie-talkies: Very High Frequency and Ultra High Frequency. Those who are a little older will recognize UHF and VHF as the two common antenna settings for TV stations before they went digital. UHF walkie-talkies are the most widely-used models. 

VHF will get the job done for most people. It works well for outdoor activities, hunting, and etc. You'll want to aim for UHF radios for more urban usage. The signal is at a higher frequency, which allows it to penetrate walls and resist interference. 

Operating Distance

This will be a prominent spec advertised by manufacturers. This figure is the estimated distance that the device can receive communication without interference. That means the perfect scenario of a straight-shot between two users. 

Two-way radios with only 10 miles of range maybe not be the most reliable if you're planning on using them like cell phones. If the wife goes 5 miles down the road and you try to chirp at her while she's in Home Depot, it probably won't come through clear.

Battery Life

You can find walkie talkies that run on regular AA or AAA batteries or built-in rechargeables. Some people prefer to use walkie-talkies with regular batteries. The main reason being that regular batteries will keep their charge if unused for months or years.

Rechargeable models are recommended for anyone planning on needing a radio on a regular basis. It's a good idea to get walkie-talkies with clear LCD displays for accurate reading of battery life. 

Number of Channels

The more channels a walkie-talkie supports, the more expensive it will be. Having multiple channels allows for more specialized usage. There are twenty-two channels available for public radios.

Picks for Best Walkie Talkie Sets of 2019

There are a lot of great walkie talkies for specific needs (outdoors, construction, errands, or fun). Each of these sets does something a little better than the others. 

Motorola MR350R

Motorola's set starts off with a 35-mile range, boasting a full 22 channels with their two-way set. We like the MR350R for the way it looks, feels, and functions in our hands. The first thing you'll notice is how light these radios are. 

Tossing one in your pocket won't distract you on a long hike, which makes it easy to grab and radio a friend. They're also weather-proof, so a good soak won't hurt them. You can't take them swimming, however, they're not fully submersible. 

You also get an 8hr long rechargeable battery, a built-in clip, and 121 privacy codes. This is the perfect beginner's radio or general purpose radio.

Uniden Submersible

For those who loved the Motorola, but wished it was completely waterproof. The Uniden walkie-talkies are meant for survival situations. In fact, Uniden's set is rated for up to 50 miles, making it ideal for lost partner situations.

The sets are made to be dropped, on the ground or in the water. You get 22 channels with 142 privacy codes. It also has a built-in NOAA weather radio.

The Uniden Submersible gets up to 9 hours of battery life, too. You can switch on an emergency strobe light and operate it hands-free. It comes with its own set of earbuds with easy controls to use while keeping your eyes ahead of you.

Proster Walkie Talkies

If you need something a little more affordable and for basic use, this set will do the job. You get 16 channels under UHF frequency with 2 miles of distance with some obstacles. These are perfect for a small farm, construction crews, store managers, and so forth.

We like the rugged design and great audio clarity. If your job requires lots of coordination, you won't be disappointed in these radios. It comes with a standard rechargeable battery with 8 hours of use. 

Notable features include a noise reduction mode, a professional earpiece, and a great warranty.

Sokos Walkie Talkie for Kids

This is actually a great walkie-talkie set for the whole family. Sokos is rating this set at 5 miles, which probably puts it closer to 2 miles. The LCD display is clear and works well under direct sunlight. 

You get 22 different channels, surprisingly, and a way to lock settings. The walkie-talkies even have auto squelch, built-in flashlight, and anti-wandering alert. You can keep tabs on your kids while making things fun.

Sokos lasts for 3.5 hours of active use, 9 hours on standby. For only $35, this is going to be way better than what you can get at any toy store.

More Walkie-talkie Advice 

It's not a bad idea to carry around a walkie-talkie with your cell phone. Besides the obvious issues with cell phone signals, the best walkie-talkies are more convenient. Taking a trip to the store, looking for the right item, it just takes 5 seconds to ask your partner and get an answer a few seconds later.

For any job or activity where dirt, water, or heavy machinery is involved, you can't fumble around with a fragile cell phone. The best walkie talkie is durable, one-handed, and always reliable. 

Read more walkie talkie reviews on our blog right here. The Two-Way Signal is your place for the best telecommunication products.

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