Best Two-Way Radio Headset and Earpiece of 2021

Some people think walkie-talkies are only for kids or for when a phone doesn't have a signal. They come in handy to have a little fun at home or when going away on a cruise, camping, or at a theme park.

Walkie-talkies have many more purposes! Some people use them for work while others like to have them for emergencies. These tools provide instant communication when you need it most, whether it be for safety reasons or just because.

Plus, walkie-talkies come with long-range capabilities and radio headset and earpiece options to further enhance your experience. You can take a walkie to keep in touch while on a hike or use a headset when you need to be hands-free and talk to someone at the same time.

When purchasing such tools, though, don't settle for anything less than the best. Here's your ultimate shopping guide for the best radio headset and earpiece.

What Makes a Great Radio Headset?

Before you compare different radio earpiece and headset options, consider what you're looking for. Not all choices are equal, and you need to prioritize the features you want to ensure you're getting the best bang for your buck.

Some of the most important details to keep in mind include the comfort of a 2-way headset, noise cancellation, and compatibility. The following is a closer look at each.


Would you wear a t-shirt that made you itchy? Would you keep a hat on all day if it was too tight or loose on your head? Probably not.

In the same way, you need to make sure the walkie-talkie earpiece and headset options you're considering buying are comfortable. Check to see how much you can adjust the headset if it goes all the way around your head, and take a moment to consider wireless versus chord earpieces, too.

Think about why you need a headset in the first place and where you plan to use it. After all, it's much different to use something like this at home or in a quiet, relaxed space versus when you're on the go and/or in large crowds.

Noise Cancelling

Speaking of quiet spaces, consider the noise cancellation possibilities. The more you can drown out the noise around you, the better you can tune into what people on the other line are saying.

This may be a way to reduce your frustration, or sometimes, it could be a matter of life and death. Okay - walkie-talkie use is rarely that serious. However, there are plenty of people who take their walkies with them to be safe on a summer hike, while doing a snow sport, or going out on the open water for the day.

The last thing you want to happen is to be in need of support, or be the person who someone is asking for help from - and not be able to understand the conversation. Noise cancellation can impact an emergency situation as well as user experience during less extreme circumstances.

Don't underestimate the importance of this feature if you want to find the best radio headset and earpiece.

Compatibility and Ease of Use

The final thing to consider when shopping for a radio headset is the compatibility and the ease of use as a whole. While you may be able to drown out the noise around you, this won't do much good if you're always having trouble connecting to your radio.

This wastes time and puts you in more danger as the clock keeps ticking. Even when you're not in an emergency, it's not worth having to struggle with your radio headset if you can help it. Choose one that is compatible with your walkie-talkie to avoid an unnecessary headache.

The Best Radio Headset and Earpiece Options of the Year

Now that you know what makes a great radio headset as opposed to a mediocre model, you can focus on finding the ideal one for you. There are all kinds of brands and designs out there, which can make it hard to know where to start looking.

Here's a list of 8 of the best options of the year available to you below.

1. MaximalPower RHF 617-1N

The first radio headset for two-way walkies to consider is the MaximalPower RHF 617-1N. This works well when you're on the go and it's nice for sitting around at home or at your desk, too.

The MaximalPower RHF 617-1N is made to last. Polyurethane covers every part of it, from the wire to the earpieces themselves. This is a strong, flexible material that keeps the device from fraying over time.

From the first day you use it until you decide to upgrade, you get tons of cool features. These include strong noise cancellation and the standard jack, making it easy to use this headset on multiple radios.

The MaximalPower RHF 617-1N has a pretty fair price tag on it. If you're still not sold, consider the fact that it's even used by law enforcement when on the job.

2. Motorola 1518

As much as law enforcement officials know a thing or two about working with radios, headsets, and earpieces, athletes have some experience with such tools as well. Many professional athletes sport a headset under their helmets to communicate with coaches. Even those who don't need these tools on the field wear them often in interviews and TV appearances.

A lot of them choose the Motorola 1518 to help them do these things.

You can count on it to stay in place when doing extreme sports like snowboarding or rock climbing. You'll hear the person on the other end crystal clear when you need to communicate. It's great for listening to music and the fit is reliable if you're one to move around all day long. There's even a clothing clip on the wire that takes overall quality of the fit one step further.

This headset is TalkAbout compatible, a system designed by Motorola and installed in many of their voice communication products. Whether it's for personal entertainment or professional needs, it's sure to meet and exceed your expectations.

The only problem? The volume doesn't go as high as we'd like, so you may want to keep your search going if you plan to be in loud areas most of the time.

3. Motorola Swivel Earpiece

While the Motorola model mentioned above is a great choice, there's nothing wrong with exploring your options even further. See if you can get your hands on a Motorola Swivel Earpiece instead.

This choice doesn't look like much at first, but it's definitely one worth considering when you realize everything it's capable of. The Motorola Swivel Earpiece is comfortable, perfect for long hours of use or as an upgrade from the not-so-comfy headset you have right now.

It has a nice level of noise cancellation if you plan to be in loud places, and the inline mic is a cool touch, too. Such features make going hands-free a breeze no matter where you are or what you're doing.

4. Midland AVPH3

Interested in a brand other than Motorola? It's worth looking into what Midland has to offer instead, like the Midland AVPH3 radio headset.

This is one of the most comfortable radio headsets out there. It's ideal if you plan to put in long days or to wear it every single day for a long time. Invest in it now if you want your ears to feel good later.

Don't buy the Midland AVPH3 set for the comfort alone, though. There are more features like the sound quality and the ease of use worth appreciating. The noise cancellation is amazing and the compatibility with walkie-talkies and portable radios are nice as well.

Oh, and you'll feel cool when you put this on. The clear chord makes you feel like you're part of the secret service or something, even when you're doing an everyday task that requires a hands-free headset.

5. Retevis FC9003A

Up next on the list is the Retevis FC9003A. This radio headset comes with a cool design and a performance to match. It does well at fitting snugly and staying put no matter how active you are while using it.

You can trust this headset to support your communication needs and to play your music clearly, too. Either way, the noise cancellation helps you understand whatever is being said or sung to you. You can trust it to transmit every word loud and clear every time you use it.

But, there is one thing to keep in mind before purchasing this. You may want to reach out to the manufacturer and inquire about plug sizes. The last thing you want is to have your sights set on this headset only to realize it's not compatible with your handheld radio.

6. Pulsat TW47

Another radio headset worthy of making this list is the Pulsat TW47. This is a heavy-duty model that's made to last. It's great for those who plan to be out in the field, whether on a construction site or a rigorous solo hike.

Plus, if for whatever reason the headset gives out on you, you can use the 12-month warranty to replace it during the first year. It's unlikely you'll find yourself in such a situation, though. This is one of the more durable options on the list, and it does the job of creating a clear listening experience very well.

7. Motorola Single Wire Earpiece

Here's an interesting choice: buying a single-wire earpiece headset. Not everyone needs to have an earbud in both ears to fulfill their listening needs. In fact, many people like the thought of having one ear tuned into their walkie or radio and the other on alert for things going on around them.

If this sounds like something you're interested in, the single wire choice may be the way to go. It comes with a UV resistant tube that is very strong and super comfortable.

The single speaker is loud enough to get the job done and allows you to hear everything you need to well. Like the Pulsat option mentioned above, this Motorola model comes with a 12-month warranty. This device guarantees to meet your listening needs for at least the next year.

8. Tomsenn 2-Pin Acoustic Earpiece

When you think you've seen everything you need to, take a look at the Tomsenn 2-Pin Acoustic Earpiece. This model is made for all-around use. It can work well for police and security personnel, people who enjoy extreme sports, and those who need to communicate with large teams in hospitals or busy entertainment centers.

It pretty much does it all. This radio headset comes with a conveniently-placed microphone and a very comfortable fit. The earbuds are sure to stay in place and they do well for short listening needs and long days, too.

Get Your Hands on Your New Radio Headset!

Do you feel like you already know which radio headset you want to buy? Are you interested in exploring a little more to be sure you've covered all the options out there?

No matter how much product research you do, the best decision comes down to what you need. Don't buy the model that looks the coolest or has the cheapest price point. Purchase what you need to get the value you're looking for.

If you're in the market for other radio tools, entire walkie-talkie sets, or more listening devices in general, click here for other buying guides and additional tips.

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