Best Tents of 2021

It is difficult to decide on a tent that fits your own personal needs and meets your standards. You may want one for camping, or maybe you want one so you can backpack for a few days. Either way, you need one that fits your camping style. There are many questions you need to ask yourself before purchasing a tent. How many people will be sleeping in it? Do you need a large one? Do you want something heavy duty? Will you be in the rain? Let's go over your choices together.

Campla Camping Tent

Maybe you're looking for a good quality, small, very affordable tent. This one is a two-person, 3-4 season tent. It comes with LED lighting, because sometimes reading in your dark tent isn't worth the strain on your eyes. The Campla Camping tent is also completely rain-proof, and has great air-flow. And don't worry, this option has a very easy set up and tear down process making camping even more convenient. A two-person tent may be too small for you, but if you can deal with a smaller space, this is a great option. 

Naturehike Cloud-Up

Yes, it is another two-person tent, but this one is for backpacking. This ultralight tent is PERFECT when it comes to carrying a tent on your back. Not only is it light, it is strong and durable. It is rainproof and can keep standing in strong winds. This is truly the ultimate tent for anyone who enjoys backpacking, camping, or any other outdoor adventures! 

Yongtong Backpacking Tent

An affordable option for a family, would be the Yongtong Backpacking tent. This can fit 3-4 people, so I guess it's time for a family camping trip! This tent is also waterproof and windproof. No matter what the weather, this would be a good purchase. It is very light, and fits in its own small carry bag. This tent has an easy set up and tear down process to make your life even easier. No doubt, an awesome option. 

SnugPak 92894 The Cave

The SnugPak is an extremely spacious four person tent. This tent is very light weight so you can bring it anywhere. It's perfect for camping or backpacking and will fit the whole family. There are two doors to make it even more convenient. Being a four season tent, it is PERFECT for camping in the winter. This tent is great quality and completely worth every dime. 


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