Best Police Scanner Of 2021

Want to stay abreast on the events occurring in your local community? Or perhaps you want to decrease your chances of getting caught in a speed trap? Investing in a new police scanner this summer may be a wise move on your part.

Police scanners are handy devices for avoiding speeding tickets, remaining informed about ongoing police investigations, and finding out important information before it hits the evening news. But with so many scanners on the market, how do you know which devices would work best for you?

Here's a rundown on the best-rated police scanners of 2021.

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1. Top Police Scanners Include Uniden BC125AT

This handheld receiver is extremely portable and is ideal for those who are experienced at programming today's analog scanners.

The radio enables you to tune into over 40,000 frequencies, which include aircraft, marine, weather and police department bands. On top of this, you can save as many as 500 channels and even establish an alphanumeric name for each one so that they are all easily accessible when you're ready to check them out.

What's especially great about the Uniden BC125AT is that it comes with a feature known as Close Call RF capture. This feature enables the immediate reception of any signal from a transmitter located near you.

The radio also prevents annoying interruptions during the transmission process thanks to its handy Do Not Disturb mode. You can also find out about local weather conditions with the radio's weather alert function.

In addition to the abovementioned benefits, this police scanner features a backlit screen that you can easily see even when you don't have a lot of light. You can also charge this scanner using a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port.

The main disadvantage of this police scanner is that it's an analog one, so it won't pick up digital or trunked radio signals.

2. Uniden BCD536HP

If you enjoy the process of scanning your top police channels, this radio is a no-brainer. It's an excellent option if you're on the prowl for a police scanner that is professional grade.

The Uniden BCD536HP transcends previous models because of its upgraded features. One of these features is its Wi-Fi capability -- a feature you won't find on many scanners. Another outstanding feature is an app that will allow you to connect to the scanner using your tablet or phone.

Yet another reason this scanner is extremely popular is its unique HomePatrol Programming program. With this program, you can load fire department, police and emergency channels instantly after you plug in your Zone Improvement Plan (ZIP) code.

This is a major perk, as it'll save you from cumbersome and extensive programming. As a result, this scanner is the easiest one to use, hands down -- even if you're a beginner in the radio scanner world.

This digital Phase II scanner also allows you to easily access many radio systems, such as Motorola, Enhanced Digital Access Communication System (EDACS), Phase II, Phase I and Association of Public Safety Communications Officials Project 25 systems (APCO-25).

You'll also love the fact that you can store a large number of channels in this scanner due to the device's 4GB storage capability. And the sleek, modern design coupled with its backlit keys and screen -- perfect for a low-light condition -- make the device even more in demand.

The chief disadvantage of this scanner is that it is on the pricey side compared with other police scanners on the market. However, it does come with a two-year warranty, which may give you an added peace of mind if you decide to purchase it.

3. Uniden BCD996P2

Do you want to listen in to a number of non-encrypted police channels? You can't go wrong with the Uniden BCD996P2.

This police scanner stands out for being a digital Phase II device rather than a digital Phase I or analog one. This means you can use it for listening in to digital Phase I, digital Phase II, EDACS, Logic Trunked Radio and analog systems.

Another reason to love this police scanner? You can use it at home or on the road, as you can easily mount it in either location with its mounting brackets.

With this radio, you can also take advantage of a number of unique features. For instance, it has an advanced memory system that you can use to effortlessly store and access as many as 25,000 channels.

In addition, this scanner is Global Positioning System (GPS) compatible, so you can obtain alerts and information based on your geographical region. This is especially handy if you travel on dangerous roads often and can benefit from weather alerts.

Of course, every police scanner has its challenges. This scanner's main disadvantage is that operating it may be a bit challenging for you if you don't have a lot of experience with police scanners. In addition, you can't use this scanner to tune into cellular and ultra-high-frequency television frequencies.

4. Uniden HomePatrol II

This Uniden scanner is winning over many scanner hobbyists' hearts, as it's not your average scanner.

The Uniden HomePatrol II is a touchscreen police scanner, which is rare. It also enables you to hear what is going on in your location simply by entering your ZIP code. With this scanner, you can stay up to date on fire-, police- and air force-related events.

A major advantage of this scanner is that it's perfect for scanner novices. First, you don't have to worry about programming it like you would a conventional radio scanner.

Second, with its full-color touchscreen display, this scanner doesn't come with all of the intimidating controls, buttons, and knobs you'll find on other scanners. In other words, it's not as technical and complicated to use.

This police scanner is additionally compact and features a stand for easy placement on a variety of surfaces. Because this device is digital, you can listen to digital Phase II, Phase I and APCO-25 radio systems. The scanner also works well with GPS.

There are a few challenges with using this sleek-looking police scanner, though.

First, if you'd like to use the scanner in your car while headed to another location, you'll need a GPS receiver. Second, you may need to buy a separate antenna to get stronger reception. Finally, if you're a seasoned scanner enthusiast, this scanner may seem too simple for you to use.

5. Whistler WS1088

Uniden isn't the only brand name of police scanners you'll see around quite a bit. Whistler is another popular brand name of scanners, and the Whistler WS1088 is an especially great choice if you're interested in accessing more than just police channels.

For instance, you can feel free to take this scanner to the local race track to hear your team's transmissions and get weather alerts.

You'll love the keyboard's layout on this device, as it is extremely organized. In addition, the scanner features a backlit screen. The system is also very intuitive, so navigating its functions is relatively straightforward.

The radio makes it simple to tune into digital Phase II and Phase I radio systems, and you can even organize your favorite frequencies into various talk groups for more efficient listening.

Many consumers embrace this scanner because like the Uniden BCD536HP, it is easy to use even for inexperienced scanner users. That's because the scanner contains a Secure Digital (SD) card featuring all Canada and United States frequencies programmed ahead of time. This means you can use the scanner right away -- no programming needed.

The Whistler WS1088 additionally comes with computer software and a handy USB cable for storing your channels in Windows-compatible files.

Another reason to choose this scanner? It'll alert you about potentially dangerous weather conditions headed your way.

The main disadvantage of this scanner is that if you want to do more programming beyond what has already been done for you, you'll need to be extremely knowledgeable in this area.

6. Whistler WS1065

Sick of the haphazard channel allocations and subpar audio quality that come with low-end police scanners? You won't experience this with the Whistler WS1065 scanner.

What makes this scanner stand out is its dynamic memory. With this scanner, you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to storing, organizing, and accessing your favorite channels. You don't have to fight the type of rigid structure for saving channels that you get with other police scanners.

On top of this, the device's sound output is high quality due to the scanner's Automatic Gain Control feature. The feature ensures that you experience a loud sound output no matter what frequencies the device is receiving.

Another perk of this scanner, which is also easy to mount, is that it offers information about every item on its menu. This makes programming the scanner much simpler from the start.

The police scanner also features a unique Spectrum Sweeper feature that allows you to search only for police frequencies. With this feature, spotting police channels in your area becomes effortless.

You'll also find this scanner handy if your area frequently experiences harsh weather. The scanner allows you to access any storm-spotting frequencies instantly with a special Skywarn function.

Note, though, that if you prefer less flexibility when it comes to organizing and saving your channels, you may benefit from choosing a simpler and more traditional police scanner.

7. Whistler WS1040

The digital Whistler WS1040 is another great scanner option, as it includes the Skywarn feature, user-friendly menu items and dynamic memory we mentioned earlier for the Whistler WS1065.

The scanner also enables you to save 1,800 frequencies as well as scan for various channels by type, which speeds up and simplifies the process for you. The handheld scanner is also highly portable and thus convenient to use.

The disadvantage of the Whistler WS1040? It's a Phase I scanner, so you can't use it to listen in to Phase II radio system channels.

8. Whistler TRX-2

This police scanner is perfect for any scanner enthusiast who wants to leisurely listen to his or her local police channels. However, the Whistler TRX-2 is also an excellent buy if you are a police officer and would love to track channels while off duty.

This digital trunking device is easy to mount on surfaces either in your car or at home for listening in to a wide range of radio channels and systems. For instance, you listen in to conventional, X2-TDMA, Phase II and Phase I channels.

Many consumers like this scanner because it is extremely user-friendly. You can easily save your favorite channels and organize them into certain groups, so navigating through the scanner's memory for a given channel is a breeze.

Another reason this scanner is a bestseller is that its SD card features preprogrammed Canada and United States frequencies, much like the Whistler WS1088. This eliminates the need to program channels before you can begin using your scanner.

An added bonus of using the Whistler TRX-2 is that you can enter your ZIP code wherever you are and access any channels available in that location.

Both novice and seasoned radio enthusiasts also love the radio's design, full keypad, backlit screen and button for weather-related alerts. It's no doubt a user-friendly scanner option, but it doesn't offer Wi-Fi capability. Understandably, this may be a deal breaker for you if you're a big W-Fi user.

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