Best Hunting Two-Way Radios of 2021

More than just the art of heading outside with a shotgun and a mission, hunting is a way of life for some. If you have plans to go out hunting, you already know about the basics.

Camouflage clothes, plenty of ammo and your trusty rifle are all you need, right? If you plan on bringing a hunting buddy along, you'll need a way to stay connected. 

If you don't have them already, you need to check out the best two-way radios for hunting. It's ideal for those times when you get separated from your partner and you've found something interesting and want them to come to join you. 

Discover more about why walkie talkies are an important part of hunting with a friend and see which ones match your needs. With all the available models on the market, you're sure to find one that's just right for the both of you. 

Here's a list of the best hunting radios. If you're looking for extra help before your big trip, one of these is sure to meet your needs.

Get a Midland GXT1050VP4 If You're Looking for Camo Coverage

Hunting walkie-talkies aren't like ones you'd buy for every-day use. Since hunting involves staying down and remaining as quiet as possible, it's important that your gear follows suit.

You don't want to give yourself away when you're in the middle of finding an animal. Depending on what you hunt, certain animals have an intense vision, making it easy for them to spot you unless you conceal yourself well.

The GXT1050VP4 has a camo color that coordinates well with clothing. With this walkie-talkie, you can talk to your partner in a whisper, and still get heard clearly.

This works up to 36 miles away from the other party, allowing you to both hear one another even when you choose the whisper mode. As a bonus, there are five different animal calls, making this a helpful addition to any hunter's arsenal.

You'll get added protection with a three-year warranty, allowing you to get it fixed should a problem occur.

If you're looking for bonus features that deliver throughout the distance, this is the ideal walkie-talkie for you.

Choose the Motorola Talkabout T465 If You Want a Built-In Flashlight

If you're looking for a hunting walkie-talkie that's small and sleek, the Motorola Talkabout T465 is the perfect addition to your toolkit. Some of the features it includes make it perfect for hunting.

It's weatherproof, allowing it to work even if you like hunting in the rain. If you're looking for a basic walkie-talkie, this is already programmed, meaning you don't have to do extra work.

With a flashlight built in, you can continue hunting even in the dark or dusk. With a USB charger, you'll get the chance to plug into your car or vehicle and ensure it's ready to go before you start hunting.

It's ideal if you forget an additional flashlight, or just need to take a quick look at something. By having a walkie-talkie that doubles in function, you can free up the room when you go hunting, allowing you to carry everything you need in one easy place.

If you're looking for something small without a lot of bells and whistles, this is the ideal walkie-talkie that sure to help you make the most of your trip. For hunters who choose nighttime or dusk to find their prey, this makes it easy to stay in touch and remain aware of what's going on.

The Midland LXT500VP is One of the Best Two-Way Radios for Hunting

If you want small and compact with all the modern features of today's walkie-talkie, get the Midland LXT500VP. With a range that goes up to 24 miles, you and your partner can cover a wide distance with no worries on staying super close in one area.

This walkie-talkie cancels out background noise, making communication easy when you're trying to stay in touch. With water resistant features, you'll never worry about taking it out in the rain and getting wet.

The LXT500VP comes with batteries and a charging dock, so there's no need to invest money in additional parts. If you're looking for a way to keep it quiet once you've come in contact with the game, there's a silence feature that blocks incoming calls and ensures you haven't lost a potential shot.

Best of all, if you're in the middle of hunting and find yourself running low on power, simply shift into low power mode. You can stay in contact and not worry about missing out on something with your hunting buddy.

Although this is popular with hunters, if you engage in other activities like hiking or biking and don't want to get separated from the rest of your party, you're in luck. This walkie-talkie is ideal for other activities and transitions well no matter where you're going to or what you're doing.

Seek the Cobra ACXT545 for Sporty Features When Out Hunting

Walkie-talkies that can get used in just about any setting are popular with hunters. If you're still searching for a great model that helps you stay in touch with your party, you can find that in the Cobra ACXT545.

With a USB port, you have options when it comes to charging your walkie-talkies. Thanks to privacy codes, you can keep others from listening to your conversations, which is useful if you're worried about getting hacked.

With weather alerts, you can feel safe no matter where you go. If there's a possible hurricane, thunderstorm, or other problem on the rise, you'll know right away with alerts from this walkie-talkie.

If a call comes through, you can choose to go to vibrate mode when you're in the middle of hunting. With a hardshell design, there's no need to worry about dropping your device, since it's meant to hold up to the ground or pavement while in the outdoors.

With a variety of options to help you no matter what you're doing, you'll find this useful no matter what you plan to do.

Choose the Motorola MT350 for Weatherproof Options

If you're hunting with friends, you know that going long-distance in the field is something that commonly happens. Depending on the type of game you're looking for, it's easy to cover and get separated by long distances.

This walkie-talkie helps you stay in touch and offers other helpful features, such as weather alerts. This is useful if you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and need to seek coverage right away.

If you've run into your game, you can put the walkie-talkie on vibrate right away. The sound quality is clear, allowing you to easily hear what's said. If you're constantly moving around, from hiking to climbing in a tree stand, you'll feel confident knowing you won't lose your walkie-talkie.

That's because it fits simply in your pockets, meaning there's no annoying clip to deal with. Walkie-talkie clips are known for breaking off or getting lost easily.

Avoid the problems associated with a traditional walkie-talkie, and check this one out if you need an option that makes it simple to store and even easier to communicate with, no matter what's going on.

The Midland GXT1000VP4 is Ideal for Long-Range Distance in Mountains

Hunting in the mountains is a different kind of feat, and it's not easy to maintain a clear connection when doing so. Although different animals are easier to run into when you're scouring the mountains, keeping in touch with your partner is a lot harder.

If you plan to hike in an area with mountains and other hard-to-reach places, the Midland GXT1000VP4 can help make your next hunting trip a success. With call options for different animals, there are features that allow you to put incoming calls on vibrate and even silence, depending on how close you find yourself to the animal you're trying to catch.

Like many other radios, this offers weather alerts. This might seem run of the mill, but if you're trying to stay safe while hunting, you'll realize how important this is. If you or your partner get in the middle of an accident, you'll have a way to get in touch with one another and seek help.

Although this walkie-talkie can go up to 36 miles, it's important to realize that crowded forest areas won't allow for as much distance. Keep this in mind when hunting.

If you and your partner find yourselves across wide-open plains, you don't need to worry about staying close by. If you're near lots of trees or dense coverage, keep this in mind and work around it when you're out hunting together.

With modern features and built for various terrain, you'll feel comfortable no matter where you and your partner head together. 

For Waterfowl and Fishing, Choose the Cobra CXT 1045R

While most hunters go for larger animals like deer, bear, and moose, the tables turn if you find yourself hunting waterfowl or fishing. Many birds possess keen eyesight, making it harder to camouflage yourself.

For this reason, you need to check out the Cobra CXT 1045R. Since hunting waterfowl often means getting near (or in) ponds, marshes, and other bodies of water, you want a hunting walkie-talkie that doesn't break down the minute it gets wet.

This walkie-talkie can get dropped in the water and still work just fine. If you're worried about other people intercepting your conversation, there are over 100 privacy codes that allow you and your partner to hunt in peace and not worry about anyone else coming into the conversation.

With an LED flashlight, you can take a look at something and feel confident you know what you're seeing if you accidentally lose or forget your normal flashlight. The battery life lasts for 12 hours, allowing you to focus on hunting and not worry about how often you need to charge your walkie-talkie in order to keep in touch with the rest of your party.

For hunters that enjoy fishing, this particular brand of walkie-talkie actually floats when dropped. That means you don't need to worry about searching the bottom of the water to find it if you happen to drop it.

The next time you plan to go fishing or hunting waterfowl, choose this walkie-talkie. You'll feel confident you won't miss out on anything important and have less chance of damaging it than any other model, even when on the water.

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If you're looking for the best two-way radios for hunting, there's a variety of options on the market sure to suit your needs. Consider how often you go hunting, the type of terrain you hunt on, and what animals you generally hunt for.

This can help you make the best choice on which type of walkie-talkie to add to your collection. Today's modern walkie-talkie offers features like weather alerts, covers a wide variety of miles, and can even withstand some (or a lot) of water.

Finding the right technology to match your needs is tricky, but you don't have to do it on your own. Let us help you find the right radios, walkie-talkies, or other electronic equipment for your lifestyle. 

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