Best Bluetooth Tracker Of 2021

Keys are never more impossible to find than when a person is in a rush. Then, there's the terrifying panic of running late or even missing an important appointment. If you're sick of this constant battle and its accompanying anxiety, a Bluetooth tracker just might be the solution.

Bluetooth trackers are small devices that hook onto important items--enter those hard to find keys. The tracker uses a smartphone app and makes items easy to find by enabling users to track its sound.

And if that doesn't make locating those hard to find items easy enough, the app has a map feature. The map shows the real-time location of the item that is being tracked.

The best Bluetooth trackers have long ranges and are secure. Keep on reading and we can help you find yours.

What Makes a Great Bluetooth Tracker?

Most Bluetooth trackers look similarly on the outside. But it's the technology on the inside that makes the difference.

While the pricing and warranty details are important to consider, there are many other factors that can make a Bluetooth tracker great. Before purchasing a Bluetooth tracker, take these things into consideration:

Type of Battery Used

There are two types of trackers. The first one has a removable battery while the other kind has a battery that lasts for a year.

Trackers with the year-long battery aren't replaceable. In these cases, customers will need to buy another tracker once the battery dies.

The money can add up with these. However, some companies do have renewal programs. These programs can provide a tracker for up to 50% off.

This option isn't the best, considering a replacement battery will usually be cheaper than a new tracker. Even if that tracker is half off.

How Does it Hold Up in Water?

You're probably not going to lose your keys in a pool. But you don't want to ruin your tracker while opening your door on a rainy day.

The durability of a waterproof tracker can help in those messy scenarios. But there's a downside.

The majority of waterproof trackers don't have replaceable batteries. They do exist though.

How Loud is It?

The volume is the most important part of a Bluetooth tracker. That's where the majority of its power comes from.

Test the sound prior to making this purchase.

Does it Play Nicely with Other Gadgets?

Fans of Amazon Alexa are usually in love with voice controlled devices. For those who fall into this category, a Bluetooth tracker that can be linked to Alexa is a lifesaver.

How Far Can You Go?

The best Bluetooth trackers are still sensitive from long distances. When shopping for one, the range should be taken into consideration.

Also, knowing if it will alert you as the distance between you and your items grows is a huge bonus. Some will send a notification as the range limits are met.

Lost & Found Help

Losing something in a crowded place used to mean it wouldn't ever be returned or found. Some of the tracker apps allow users to share their tracker details with friends.

This will essentially work as a call for help.

The Best Bluetooth Trackers of 2021

Finding a Bluetooth tracker to meet all your requirements for features and quality can take hours of research, testing, and reading reviews. Which is why we're here, to make this grueling process easier.

Here are the top picks for 2021's Bluetooth trackers.


Pixie is a waterproof tracker with a high battery life. But what really attracts consumers to it, is its ability to give a full visual of where missing items are located.

While using Pixie, you will see a real-time version of your location and the spot of your lost items highlighted on your screen. It's the only Bluetooth tracker that has that capability at this time.

Range Limitations

For your Pixie tracker to work, you should be within 150 feet of your missing item if you are outdoors. And within 50 feet if you're inside.

If you're out of Pixie's range, it will remember where you lost items last were giving you a great starting point for your search.

How Pixie Communicates With You

Instead of simply ringing when you've alerted Pixie that you've lost something, this tracking device uses a different (and smarter) approach. Upon opening the Pixie app, you will see all the items you've synced to it.

You will tap on the item you're looking for. At that time, Pixie will do a panoramic scan of the area you're in. This is where it will actually see where your item is.

When Pixie finds it, you will see it highlight the area on your screen with "Pixie dust." As you get closer to the item (usually within 5 feet or so), Pixie will begin to beep.

The coolest part of this process is the app will begin giving you directions to find the item. It will also tell you what other items you have trackers on that are close by.

For example, if you have Pixie attached to your keys, wallet, and remote control, the app can say that your keys are 10 feet away from your wallet and 20 feet from the remote.

Battery Life

Pixie batteries aren't rechargeable and cannot be changed. They last for about a year and the device is ready to use fresh out of its box.

Pricing Details

Pixie can be purchased in packs on Amazon. The pricing starts at $19.99 for a 2 pack. However, prices will vary depending on the Pixie package you choose.

Tile Pro 

The Tile Pro series of GPS trackers are an upgrade from the previously released Tile Mate design. With the Pro series, consumers can choose from Tile Sport and Tile Style.

With its new releases, Tile gave consumers more attractive looking tiles with louder alarms, wider range, and sleeker designs.

Thee hardware and durability were also improved to the delight of those consumers who complained before. For instance, these trackers can now survive for 30 minutes in up almost 5 feet of water.

The Tile Pro Battery

Whether you're looking at the newer or older models, you cannot replace the batteries in Tile trackers.

Pricing Details

Tile trackers come in a few different models. The original, Tile Mate retails for $25.

There is also the Tile Sport, Tile Pro and Tile Style. A single pack of these is usually $30-$35 and the designs are more sleek and compact.

All of the Tile varieties, however, can also be purchased in 2 and 4 packs.

Improved Range Limitations

The original Tile Mate has a range of 100 feet. The Tile Pro series can track your lost items up to 200 feet.

Unique Features

Tile recently partnered up with Comcast. So, if you're a Comcast customer who uses Xfinity X1 Voice Remote, you can link it to Tile to find lost items.

The map of your items' last known whereabouts will show up on your TV screen. According to Comcast, this feature will be given to all of its Xfinity Internet customers later in the year.

MYNT Key Finder

The MYNT tracker has more capabilities than other Bluetooth tracking devices. Yes, it can help you find your lost items, but you can also control your iTunes playlists with it, connect it to your phone or computer, and use it to take selfies.

On its own MYNT isn't waterproof, it can only be used around moisture or light rain. There is a sleeve you can attach to make it waterproof though.

Perfect for Children and Pets

Because it will alert you when the item you've attached it to has begun to move away, MYNT is an excellent device to keep on your dog's collar or in your small child's clothing.

Community Support

You can use the tracker's app to enlist help from other MYNT users. Simply report your missing item and every phone with the app installed with 150 feet will be able to help.

The 150-foot range limitation is the same for its regular finding feature.


The battery in the MYNT tracker can last between 3 and 6 months when it's used daily. It uses a CR2020 coin battery that cannot be charged but can be changed.

When purchased directly from the company, it comes with an extra battery.


The pricing for a single pack starts at $19.99.

Lapa 2nd Gen

Users with Lapa 2nd Gen love its ease of use and the pretty color options that are available. The main factor that sets it apart from other trackers, however, is that the battery can be swapped out.

This way, you're not having to waste an otherwise perfectly good product every year.

Lapa also allows users to enlist assistance from their community. But there's a lot more:

Ringing Preferences

Lapa allows you to customize your ringing preferences for the items you use it to track. For instance, if you are about to leave something behind, it will cause your phone to ring, even if it's on silent mode.

You can control when this feature is used and when it's put to rest. When you're safely at home, you probably don't need Lapa to call you whenever you leave the room your purse is in.

Lapa Battery

The battery lasts for about a year. When the charge is low (20%) you will get a warning in the app.

Lapa uses a CR1632 watch battery.

Range Restrictions

In most locations, Lapa works up to 200 feet.

Lapa Pricing

A single Lapa is about $30 online.

TrackR Pixel

The TrackR Pixel is the smallest and lightest Bluetooth tracker on the market. It's actually so small that it can't be attached to an averagely sized keychain. It comes with thread that can be tied around your keys instead.

It works with both Android and iOS devices and it has a Global Crowd Locate feature that allows others to assist in recovering your lost item. And it plays nicely with Alexa.

Because this tracker lights up and rings simultaneously when you lose something, it's ideal for finding small items that may have been buried under a pile of laundry or in a bag.

Range Limits

The range limitation is 100 feet indoors and outdoors.

Battery Info

This tracker does allow you to change the battery (size CR2016). You can order one from the TrackR app for free.

Because of this, the device is not waterproof.


A single TrackR Pixel retails for about $25. They do, however, come in multi-packs that can save you money.

Voila by Wistiki

Voila was created by a French startup company called Wistiki. Of all the Bluetooth trackers, Voila has one of the largest ranges and loudest ringtones.

This is also one very few Bluetooth trackers that can be submerged and water and has a changeable battery. And if you like, Voila, you will also enjoy aha, which was designed to fit your pet's collar.

Battery Information

The battery can be exchanged by users. It uses a CR2032 button cell battery.

The battery lasts for 3 years.

Range Restrictions

The device works up to 328 feet from lost items.


Voila is one of the more expensive Bluetooth tracking devices. Just one retails at $29.90.

When purchased directly from the manufacturer, it comes with a one year warranty.

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