Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

There's nothing like getting out on some curvy backroads and jamming out to some music. A Bluetooth motorcycle helmet lets riders enjoy their favorite tunes while staying safe.

Helmets saved 1,859 lives in 2016. Wearing a Bluetooth integrated helmet lets riders stay connected without having to stop.

Riders need to consider the features of both the helmet and the technology. We've reviewed the best Bluetooth motorcycle headset combinations for sale.

Bluetooth Kit vs. Bluetooth Helmet

Motorcycle riders have two options when it comes to having a helmet with Bluetooth. The first is to buy a regular helmet and a separate Bluetooth helmet kit.

The second option is the buy a helmet with the Bluetooth already integrated into the helmet. The advantages of an integrated helmet are less cost and no installation.


When choosing a motorcycle helmet, the fit is the most important factor. Do not buy a helmet based on features alone.

Determine the size and shape of the helmet needed. Then look for the motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth built in.

FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet

FreedConn's Bluetooth helmet ranks as one of the best on this list due to its technology integration and design. The Bluetooth functionality triggers with a push of a single button on the helmet.

The Bluetooth

Riders can communicate with up to two other people within a 500-meter distance. This makes it perfect for those who like riding in a small group.

The Bluetooth 3.0 makes the helmet compatible with smartphones. Riders can listen to music, make and receive phone calls, and get directions.

The microphone located in the front modular is noise canceling. This eliminates wind noise for clear sound on the receiving side.

Individual volume control adjusts for phones, iPods, and fellow rider communication. This lets you hear everything at the right level without worrying about blowing out eardrums.

Helmet Design

The design of the helmet features an ABS lightweight shell. Built-in ventilation will help keep riders cool.

The helmet features a sleek gloss black outer shell. Inside the visor is a separate built-in tinted goggles visor. The removable cheek pads are deodorant and absorbent. The helmet is DOT approved.


The sizing is different from standard helmets. Riders should measure carefully and check the size chart before ordering.


HJC is well known and respected by riders for producing affordable good quality motorcycle helmets. The CL-MAW II is no different, but with added Bluetooth technology.

The Bluetooth

This particular Bluetooth helmet comes ready for integration. Riders will have to buy a separate helmet Bluetooth kit. There are recesses on the inside of the helmet for the Bluetooth device and speakers.

Helmet Design

This helmet utilizes advanced injection molded polycarbonate for the outer shell. This gives riders a DOT approved helmet.

The face shield protects the rider's face from 95% of UV rays. The QuickSlide Tool-less Shield Replacement System lets riders change out the visor quickly.

The ventilation system channels air through the helmet for a cool ride. Front to back airflow moves heat and humidity through and out of the helmet.

A Bioceramic Anti-bacterial Nylex liner wicks moisture away from the head. It is completely removable and washable.


Riders will be familiar with the sizing for this helmet as HJC uses their standard sizing for their Bluetooth helmets. Advanced CAD technology guarantees a superior and comfortable fit.


For riders looking for something other than a black helmet, the TORC T10B is the answer. It comes in a brilliant glossy pearlescent blue.

The Bluetooth

The T10B is has integrated Bluetooth 2.0 technology. Riders can make and receive calls, stream music, and get directions.

When two riders are wearing Blinc enabled helmets, intercom communication is available. Blinc Bluetooth is in TORC, O'Neal, and Blinc brand helmets.

The battery life of this helmet is an impressive eight hours of talk time. It will last up to one hundred and fifty hours in standby mode.

Riders have the option of turning off phone call priority. When activated incoming calls take priority over all other communications. Turn it off and your music and GPS will play uninterrupted.

Helmet Design

The lightweight ABS shell features adjustable forehead and chin vents. It has a quick release shield that is scratch and fog resistant.

The aerodynamic design and rear spoiler provide comfort at higher speeds. The helmet is DOT and FCC approved.

The soft liner will cushion the riders head for a comfortable fit. Remove and wash the liner when needed.

Bilt Techno 2.0 Sena

Bilt offers the Techno in five color options, gloss black, matte black, white, hi-viz yellow, and silver. All five colors come with built-in Sena DWO-5 Bluetooth technology.

The Bluetooth

The helmet is Bluetooth ready right out of the box. A universal intercom works with any brand up to 430 yards.

Listen to music, GPS navigation, and make phone calls with a Bluetooth enabled phone. Talk up to eight hours and have a seven day standby time.

The volume has an automatic boost when the ambient noise gets louder. This feature works with both road noise and wind noise while riding. Voice commands are possible when connected to a phone.

Helmet Design

The helmet is modular, so the front part of the helmet flips up and out of the way of the riders face. The face shield features an interior tinted sun shield that goes up and down as needed.

The helmet's ventilation directs air to flow through from the front and out the back. The removable liner is soft and cushions the rider's head.

The chin strap has a Double-D ring safety fastener. There is also a chin mounted airflow vent with the open and close ability.


Bilt helmets tend to be more round. Modular helmets tend to be round oval. Riders should take this into consideration when measuring for this helmet.

ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular

The ILM modular comes in three color options, matt black, white, and red. The helmet meets ECE and DOT Safety Standards.

The Bluetooth

This helmet is only compatible with other ILM helmets. Riders cannot communicate with other helmet brands. The helmet intercom is functional up to 1,000 feet.

Connect either a phone or MP3 player. Listen to FM radio, GPS, or music. Incoming calls override all of the other functions.

The battery needs storing in a cool place. It also needs charging every month, regardless of use.

When the helmet isn't used for a while, the battery enters sleep mode. To activate the battery, it needs at least a half hour of charging. Riders can buy replacement batteries when the battery malfunctions or dies.

The battery will last for eight hours of talk time. In standby mode, it will last for 110 hours.

Helmet Design

Riders have the option of using the normal or anti-fog visor. The visor is quick release making it simple to change out the visors.

The helmet's inner pads are removable and washable. They work with the helmet's venting. air channels through the helmet to remove heat and moisture.

Hawk H7000

The Hawk features a Thermo Polymer Alloy Shell. This gloss black helmet features Blinc Bluetooth technology.

The Bluetooth

The Hawk can intercom with other Blinc Bluetooth helmets up to 100 feet. Riders can enjoy eight hours of talk time and 110 hours of standby time.

Two high-quality speakers stream music, GPS directions, and phone calls. Incoming phone calls take priority over other streaming.

Helmet Design

The modular front flips up with the touch of a button. Adjust the nylon chin strap with a secure snap.

The aerodynamics of the helmet benefit from an integrated spoiler. The multi-density EPS construction reduces the helmet weight.

The quick release visor is both anti-scratch and anti-fog. Behind the main visor is a retractable internal sun visor. To prevent fogging there is a removable breathe guard.

O'Neal Commander

The Commander comes in a sleek flat black and Hi-Viz yellow. It is a full face solid construction style of helmet.

The Bluetooth

Bluetooth 2.0 technology is integrated into the helmet. Riders can expect up to ten hours of talking time and 130 hours of standby time.

Intercom with other riders up to 100 feet away. Sound through the 2 high-quality speakers is clear and loud.

A one-touch control allows the rider to listen to music, navigation, or make phone calls. Incoming phone calls override intercom, music, and navigation.

Riders have full phone call control with the ability to answer, reject, and redial. A Lithium-polymer battery powers the Bluetooth. A power charger is also included.

Helmet Design

This lightweight helmet has a durable face shield and a built-in retractable sun visor. The inside of the helmet features removable microfiber suede liner and cheek pads.

The flow of air through the helmet is also adjustable to the rider's preferences. An integrated spoiler helps direct the air on the outside of the helmet.

The adjustable nylon chin strap secures with a Double-D ring and retention system. It is FCC, DOT, and ECE approved.

Torc T14B Mako

For riders who want a bit more style in their helmet, the T14 line delivers. The helmets feature designs such a yellow nuclear symbol, flat black American flag, and racing stripes.

For those riders who are less adventurous, there are also plain gloss and flat black options.

The Bluetooth

The integrated Blinc Bluetooth 2.0 provides 24 hours of talk time and up to 600 hours of standby time. Intercom with other riders using Blinc up to 400 meters.

Pair a smartphone or mp3 player in seconds. Pair more than one device to the unit. Listen to music and GPS.

Make, receive, and reject phone calls. Intercom and phone calls have music priority override.

The microphone deliveries clear sound with built-in anti-noise filtering. Control of all Bluetooth function through the touch of a single button.

Helmet Design

For riders looking for a solid full-face helmet design, and not modular, this is a great choice. The visor is anti-fog and anti-scratch.

A breath deflector also helps prevent fogging of the visor. There is a built-in drop down sun visor.

Remove and replace the visor with the quick release function. Adjust the flow of air through the ventilation for a custom feel and fit.

The laser cut liner is removable and washable. The chin strap has padding and secured with a D-Ring closure.

The front of the helmet has an integrated aerodynamic spoiler. The helmet meets the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard. It is DOT and ECE certified.

Sena Momentum Bluetooth-Integrated Helmet

Up to this point, the helmets on this list are all under three hundred dollars. The Sena Momentum makes a large jump up to four hundred and fifty dollars.

The Sena Momentum is also the only helmet on this list offered by a Bluetooth company. It features the best Sena has to offer integrated into a helmet.

The Bluetooth

Sena packed Bluetooth 4.1 into their helmet offering up to 20 hours of talk time. Achieve full charge in 2.5 hours.

Talk with up to 8 riders at a distance of up to 1,600 meters. There is a built-in radio, audio multi-tasking, and Advanced Audio Distribution. Audio Video Remote Control allows for playback.

Advanced noise cancellation makes in ear and communication clear. There is also full smartphone functionality.

Helmet Design

The helmet is comprised of a composite fiberglass glass and multi-density EPS liner. The face shield is easily interchangeable with pinlock technology.

Air flows through the top, chin, and rear vents. The liner wicks moisture away with quick dry technology. The liner is removable and washable.

Select Your Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Buying a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet can save riders money. They are ready to use right out of the box.

Take into consideration both the helmet features and the technology features. A helmet needs to fit both the rider's head.

It also needs to be compatible with the rider's phone, iPod, or GPS. HJC and Bilt are both well known for making affordable helmets.

These brands are familiar to riders for their standard helmets. Torc, ILM, and FreedConn are lesser known but have made great strides in integrating Bluetooth technology.

The TORC T-14 offers the most amount of style and Bluetooth features. Riders may decide to buy the helmet offered by the Bluetooth company, the Sena Momentum.

Check out our blog for more motorcycle bluetooth tech reviews.

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