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The word Bluetooth comes from a Scandinavian 10-century king called Harald Bluetooth who united autonomous, warring Danish tribes into a single kingdom. The implication is that Bluetooth does the same with communications protocols, uniting them into one universal standard.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group started in 1998 to oversee the development, licensing and trademarking of this technology. It started with 5 companies -- Ericsson, IBM, Nokia, Toshiba and Intel --then ballooned to 400 members by the end of year one and now has 30,000 member companies.

It's amazing to think that this technology has been around for 20 years already.

These days when we are so connected to our mobile devices, a Bluetooth car kit is essential. In some places, it's even illegal to use your cellphone while driving and can result in a hefty fine.

Read on for our top picks for best Bluetooth car kit.

Bluetooth Car Kit Types

There are 3 types of Bluetooth car kits: AUX-in, FM transmitters, and visor-style versions. Each fulfills a specific purpose and have their own pros and cons.

AUX-in Bluetooth Adapters

This type of Bluetooth car kit plugs into your car's aux in port. The audio signal is sent from your phone via Bluetooth to the car's stereo system. The stereo receives and amplifies the signal through your speakers.

The downside is that your aux port will now be occupied and unavailable for other use. You also have a pesky cable to content with that can get tangled with car detritus.

Bluetooth FM Transmitters

This type of Bluetooth hands-free car kit creates an FM radio signal your stereo's radio tuner picks up.

This is necessary for cars that don't have aux inputs. This option has a lot of background noise because it relies on an FM radio signal.

For hands-free calling, this method is only recommended if your stereo doesn't have an aux input. However, if you are mainly using Bluetooth for listening to music, this is a great option.

Visor-style Kits

The third option for a Bluetooth car kit is a visor-style option. This one has built-in speakers and attaches to your sun visor.

This method provides a crisp, clear conversation in the car because the sound is not played through the car's speakers. You won't get echoing or feedback.

Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit Reviews

Now that you know the 3 main types of Bluetooth hands-free car kits, read on for our top 10 picks for your car this year.

1. Anker SoundSync Drive

This aux port Bluetooth adapter is one of the most affordable Bluetooth car kits on the market with an excellent and clear signal.

The SoundSync Drive has a minimalistic design. Its small circular shape won't take over your dashboard. The built-in noise-cancelling microphone ensures crips calls every time.

Another pro is that it doesn't need a battery that requires charging.

Some reviewers complain that the buttons aren't labelled clearly. However, the device has only 3 simple buttons. That should be simple enough for you to use while keeping your eyes on the road.

Another con is that the sticky pad on the back of the device doesn't always stay put. Make sure to wipe the area you're sticking it to with rubbing alcohol before sticking it on your dash.

2. Belkin Caraudio Connect Aux

This Belkin Caraudio Bluetooth car kit is compatible with both Android and iPhones. It has a one-touch control for easy use while driving. It is also compatible with Siri and music streaming services.

Like the name suggests, it plugs into your car's aux port. The best feature is that one button does it all. The call/play button lets you switch from being on a call, stream music from online or from our phone.

If music is playing when a call comes in, the music will pause and the phone will ring through your car's speakers. Just tap the button to answer the call.

There are lots of happy customers on this Bluetooth handsfree car kit reviews. It is comparable to systems that are installed directly into the car's system.

Like all Belkin products, this device is simple to setup and offers excellent customer service (should you need it). It's a simple, quality and great overall Bluetooth car kit.

The downside is the price. You'll be spending into the triple digits for this unit. Considering there are units for under $30, this one comes with a hefty price tag.

3. TaoTronics TT-BR05

The TaoTronics TT-BR05 has a 4.3-star rating on Amazon. The low price of $15 is very enticing.

It has an OK audio strength. This just means that you might have to turn the volume up more than you might with another model. However, that's not too big of an issue.

Even though this is one of the least expensive options, the audio clarity is decent and better than others at a higher price point. Signal clarity is most important in a Bluetooth hands-free car kit because there's no way to improve it by turning up a dial.

Keep in mind that this Bluetooth car kit runs off a rechargeable battery. As a result, the signal will be weaker than one that uses power from the car. Again, just turn up the volume to compensate for that.

It's pretty much cordless. It just needs a cable for charging the battery.

Best of all, there's no need for an adhesive backing to stick it to the dash. The aux input sticks out from the device which means when you plug it in, it stays in place.

4. Audiovox BCS1 Bluetooth Car Kit

Here's another aux input device that allows you to be handsfree while on the road. This one is compatible with Siri and both Android and iPhone.

The Audiovox BCS1 is super easy to use and discreet. The one button can be mounted anywhere on your dash or console.

Face the button forward though because the microphone is built into the button. The sound quality is above par and most reviewers are happy with the device.

One con is that the cable is long and some find it hard to tuck out of the way. Many people said that it connects automatically to their smart devices when they get into the car, though some people reported having to re-connect it often.

5. Nulaxy KM18 - FM Transmitter Bluetooth Car Kit

As we've discussed, the audio performance of an FM transmitter doesn't compare to Bluetooth car kits that connect through aux. But if you have an older car, chances are there isn't an aux port. This limits your options in Bluetooth hands-free car kits.

If you need an FM transmitter, the Nulaxy KM18 is your best bet. It plugs right into your car charger and features a nice big display. This is great to keep you focused on the road.

The adjustable neck offers only minor adjustments. Depending on the setup of your car, the positioning of the device might not be great. There aren't any cords that get in the way which is a plus.

You won't get crystal clear sound but luckily, the background noise is most noticeable in between songs.

A USB port for charging your phone is included which is another win.

6. Parrot Minikit Neo 2

Let's look at our first visor-mounted Bluetooth device. The Parrot Minikit Neo 2 is a clip-on device that is simple and voice-controlled for a truly hands-free driving experience.

It allows you to control the volume, gives you up to 6-hours of talking time between charges and uses a rechargeable battery.

With the free Minikit Neo 2 app on your phone, your Bluetooth car kit can even find your car in the parking lot.

The dual mode multi point technology allows you to connect to two Bluetooth telephones simultaneously. The different ringtones will let you know if it's a business or personal call coming in. The switch feature allows you to access the contact lists on both phones.

When you enable the magic words, you can make calls all through voice recognition technology.

Say "minikit" to activate voice recognition then say the name of the person in your phonebook you want to dial. All without pushing a single button.

When you get an incoming call, the Neo 2 will tell you who is calling. You can say "accept" or "refuse", it's up to you.

Parrot is a well-known manufacturer of Bluetooth car kits, and this device maintains that standard. You can stream music and customize text message responses to be sent whenever you need. You will get a good 6 months of battery life out of this unit on low usage mode or 10 hours of conversation.

If you are looking for a 100% handsfree device, this is it.

7. Motorolla Roadster 2

The Motorola Roadster 2 is visor clip-on device that offers easy voice controls while your drive.

This unit doesn't require any installation. Just pair it to your mobile device.

It offers dual microphone noise cancellation for clear phone conversations. It reduces 8.5 db of noise. Listen to calls or stream music on a powerful 2-watt speaker.

You'll hear and dictate text with the Motospeak feature. Note: It can only read Android text messages.

The battery is decent -giving you 20 hours of talk time and up to 3 weeks in standby mode. This device allows you to connect 2 phones simultaneously.

And yes, it can find your car in the parking lot using the Android app.

8. Jabra Drive

The Jabra Drive Bluetooth car kit is another visor clip-on device.

You can enjoy 20 hours of talk time between charges completely handsfree so that you can focus on the drive.

Like all visor models, there's no setup required. Simply pair it up with your smartphone then clip to your sun visor. Your phone will pair with it the moment you get into the car.

The one big button to answer calls means you don't need to take your eyes off the road for even a microsecond to answer calls.

You also get spoken updates when your battery is low and GPS voice updates.

The noise reduction is 3.5 dB of noise (less than Motorola). Some reviewers said the sound quality was poor. But most said it was good quality and value for the money.

9. Kinivo BTC450

The Kinivo BTC450 is small, discreet and affordable. This device connects to your car through the aux 3.5mm input.

You can take calls from any Bluetooth smartphone: iPhone, Android, Blackberry.
You'll enjoy the CD quality audio that you can stream effortlessly from your device. The easy to use music controls to make your drive much more enjoyable.

Reviewers on Amazon found this device comparable to the much more expensive Belkin model. Though some say the quality of the music is excellent but the quality of phone calls is not.

One con is that you'll have to mount this to your dash or console with the provided adhesive pads. It comes with 2 pads though, in case the device needs to be re-attached at some point.

The integrated USB port gives you an opportunity to charge your phone, tablet, and other electronics using your standard USB cable. This means you can have your Bluetooth car kit charging and still plug in another device.

The L shaped metal aux plug is nice and sturdy which makes this a durable device.

10. Mpow Steambot Mini

True Apple lovers will notice similarities in design between the Mpow Bluetooth car kit and iPhones. Maybe that's why this is one of the most popular Bluetooth car kits available.

The ultra-low price point doesn't hurt either.

Unlike the other devices we've reviewed, this device has a rectangular body with one multi-function button on the front. You might mistake it for an iPhone except that it is much smaller.

The large multi-function button lets you manage your calls, play/stop the music, or pair the device with your smartphone. Two small buttons on the right side let you adjust the volume and skip to the next song.

It is available in black or grey but we won't be surprised if bright, bold new colors are in the works.

No fussy cables with this device. Just plug the Streambot right into the aux port and enjoy hands-free phone calls and wireless music streaming.

Final Thoughts

We hope you've found this thorough guide of Bluetooth handsfree car kit reviews helpful.

There are many options for every price point and budget, so we're sure you will find something that will be the right solution for you.

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