Best Bluetooth Bicycle Helmet of 2019

You can use your phone hands-free in your car, so why not on your bike? We take a look at the best Bluetooth bicycle helmets that you can buy this year.

Did you know you can upgrade your old bike helmet for a cool new Bluetooth bicycle helmet?

We know you might have a favorite bike helmet. But can it signal your movements to other drivers? What about playing music directly into your ear bone? Can it fold a thousand paper cranes while keeping your head safe?

Smart cycling helmets can do that last thing, but the way technology is evolving we're not far off.

In the meantime, you can upgrade your bike experiences with these new helmet features.

Keep reading for the best Bluetooth bicycle helmets for your ride.

What to Look for in a Bluetooth Bicycle Helmet

A cycling helmet that has all the bells and whistles doesn't mean you need it. Bluetooth bicycle helmets can be expensive, so you want something that you'll use.

When you're looking for a helmet, you need to ask yourself what you're using it for.

If you're a city biker, then a helmet that signals your turns with LED lights is very helpful. Those LED lights can also alert drivers about sudden stops and helps you stay visible.

Listening to music on your commute makes your ride easier. But it's difficult to stay safe when you have headphones in. If that's a problem you have, think about getting a bike helmet with Bluetooth speakers.

Now if you're more outdoorsy, then you know you need a bike helmet that keeps you visible. You might also look for a helmet with motion sensors. That way if you have an accident, someone gets alerted automatically.

How to Choose the Right Size Bicycle Helmet

No matter what features your helmet has, if it doesn't fit then you have a problem.

Many bicycle helmets come with a "one-size-fits-all" fit. The measurements for this are:

  • Men's: 21.25" - 24"
  • Women's: 19.75" - 22.5"
  • Kid's: 18" - 22.5"

But when you spend the money on a nice Bluetooth helmet, you want one that fits better.

To find out your helmet size, wrap a measuring tape around the largest part of your head. This is about 1 inch above your eyebrows, but every head is different.

When you have your measurement, you can make a better choice about what size helmet you prefer. The sizes are:

  • X-Small: below 20"
  • Small: 20" - 21.75"
  • Medium: 21.75" - 23.25"
  • Large: 23.25" - 24.75"
  • X- Large: Above 24.75"

Talk to a salesperson to get a proper helmet fitting.

The Best Bluetooth Bicycle Helmets of 2019

We've made a list of the best Bluetooth bicycle helmets of 2018. Some of them are more suited for city commutes, while some are better for mountain biking. Keep reading to find out which one is best for you.

Airwheel C5 Helmet

The Airwheel C5 looks like something out of a Jetson's cartoon. This white and orange helmet doesn't have a long visor like many helmets. Instead, there's a camera right in the middle of the helmet.

This smart helmet uses the HD camera to record 2K video and photos. You operate the camera with buttons on the side of the helmet. Built-in WiFi allows you to send the images to a safe location.

If you're a city commuter, this helmet is invaluable for you. Not only does it record video, but it also plays music and connects to your smartphone.

Livall Bling BH60

Livall has been a go-to Bluetooth helmet for years. It has built-in LED lights on the top and rear of your helmet for easier signaling. The helmet is also connected to the Livall app. It will issue automatic SOS alerts in case you get into an accident.

If you need to do business on the go, then the windbreak microphone and speakers make calling easier for you. You can even turn on a walkie-talkie feature if you're out with a group.

Coros Omni

The Coros Omni is a great smart cycling helmet for commuters and outdoor explorers.

One of the coolest features is how the helmet allows you to listen to music. Connect your helmet with your smart device, and the music plays directly into your ear bones. This way you can enjoy your music even when your ears are open to other ambient noises.

Like other smart helmets, the Coros Omni has impact sensors that send an alert if there's a problem. It also offers windbreak microphones so you can call your friends and family while on the go.

The other reason the Omni deserves the hype is their built-in LED lights. This allows riders better visibility on the road and on the trails.

Lumos Smart Bike Helmet

If you've ever worried about being visible enough, then you need the Lumos Smart Bike Helmet. This helmet takes visibility to a whole new level.

The helmet has 10 lights in the front for oncoming traffic. There are 38 red lights in the back of the helmet for everyone behind you. Then there are an extra 11 orange lights on the side.

Everyone and their dog will be able to see you on the road, and that's the whole point. But to make this helmet even safer, they added a handlebar remote. You can signal your turns with the push of a button. When you slow down or start to break, the helmet will flash all the 38 red lights to alert drivers behind you.

The battery on this helmet lasts 6 hours, so it's perfect for long trips or marathons.

Livall MT1

Livall offers another great Bluetooth bicycle helmet, but for mountain bikers.

When you're on the trail, visibility is important. It features bright lights on top so everyone can see you. There are also tail lights that signal turns and any sudden stops.

The built-in gravity sensor will send out an SOS signal if you get into an accident on the trail. It will also fire off emergency lights to attract any passers-by.

So the next time you go on a camping trip, make sure to pack this cool smart helmet.

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