Best Batteries of 2021

When it comes to finding the perfect battery, the search can feel overwhelming. There are so many different types of batteries and brands out there, how will you ever know which are the best batteries for you?

We got you with this comprehensive guide on batteries, so you'll never again waste money on a bad battery.

Batteries by Type

The most common size batteries for consumers are AA and AAA sizes. The only problem, is there are so many different types of AA and AAA batteries, how do you know which is the best one? Here are the most common types on the market.


Lithium AA batteries are usually the highest rated in terms of performance. The only problem is that high performance comes at a high price. This is because these batteries will last longer and are mainly suggested for gadgets.


Alkaline batteries have been around for centuries because they're inexpensive and effective. You'll find these kinds of batteries in an array of electronics from cameras and flashlights to even music players. Alkaline batteries have a standard 1.5-volt output that will remain consistent until the battery loses its energy.

There are a few downsides, like most alkaline batteries can only be used in low drain devices like toys, wall clocks, and remote controls. Another issue is these batteries have been known to release of leak battery acid. These leaks are actually not hazardous, they're just annoying to clean and can sometimes stain electronics and hardware. 


This type of battery dates back to the 1800s and formed the foundation for most household batteries. Similar to the alkaline battery, zinc-carbon batteries also have a long shelf life, are cheap and work well in gadgets and toys. But Alkaline batteries do last longer than zinc-carbon types.

How a Battery Works

You might be interested to know why and how batteries generate usable electricity. Turns out the AA battery actually doesn't have strong electricity. The battery actually generates its own electricity by taking stored chemical energy and changing them into electrical currents.

AA batteries are made up of two terminals and an electrolyte. The two terminals are the positive and negative sides, while the electrolyte is the center that connects these two ends which are also referred to as a chemical medium.

Electricity is generated by the chemical energy filled in the battery which then creates a circuit. This chemical process leads to accumulation of electrons that transfer from the battery and flow through the gadget that's trying to be powered.

Safe Battery Storage and Disposal

If you want your batteries to last, the most important action you can take is making sure you store your batteries properly. Batteries should be stored at about 60 degrees Fahrenheit, in a completely dry area that has no exposure to sunlight.

Some people think that batteries need to be stored in a refrigerator or freezer, but that is actually wrong. Actually, storing your batteries in the fridge can really damage your batteries as the condensation from the fridge creates corrosion.

Rechargeable batteries should be stored when they're at half power to make sure they never fully drain. A fully drained battery is difficult to recharge. If you're using alkaline batteries you can use them until they run out, but be sure to throw them out after. 

Most alkaline batteries can be disposed of in your garbage since they don't currently contain any toxic chemicals like mercury. You just want to be sure that you're not disposing large amounts of alkaline batteries at once because this can cause heat or a fire hazard.

Lithium and rechargeable batteries need to be disposed of differently and need to be taken to a recycling facility. Make sure you follow any laws in the place of disposal and follow them. If you throw away these batteries with the rest of your trash there's a good chance the toxic chemicals from the batteries can get into the ground, water and atmosphere.

How to Choose Batteries

When choosing your batteries, be sure to keep in mind four main factors. The length of the batteries shelf life, the batteries performance, price and how friendly it is to the environment. Most batteries do not check all these boxes, but manufacturers are working towards this.

Here are some other features you want to look for when choosing your batteries,

Milliamperehours (mAh) and Claimed Capacity mAh

These are both ratings that measure battery capacity. If you're looking for a battery that will last longer, then find one with a higher mAh. Claimed capacity mAh is important for high drain devices such as digital cameras.

Leak Protection

Fluid can leak out of poorly designed batteries which can damage your device. The leak of battery acid is also a human health hazard as it can burn your skin or eyes. So make sure you find batteries that have a good durable design with leak protection.

Temperature range

You want to make sure your batteries won't die in extreme temperatures. The best AA disposable batteries will last in temperatures from negative 40 to 140 degrees.


Lightweight batteries are very handy, especially for powering a camera or anything else you need to carry around on the go a lot. You're not going to want a heavy battery to power any portable devices


Lithium batteries tend to have higher voltage their alkaline batteries. Just be sure to see if the device you need to power needs high or low voltage. One isn't better it's just what is right for your device.

AmazonBasics AA 48-Pack

You may be surprised to find out that Amazon makes their own batteries, and they actually can hold their own when compared to major battery brands. AmazonBasics AA is reasonably priced (they cost much less than name brands) but they still deliver a great performance. The packaging of these batteries is a cardboard box that you can easily reuse.

These batteries have a 10-year shelf life, so you have an entire decade to go through this 48 pack. You can use AmazonBasics on both high and low devices, as they are all-purpose and can be used on just about everything.

The only downside is despite its great performance, AmazonBasic is still less powerful than Energizer batteries, that stay true to their ad campaign and keep going and going. Another issue is like other alkaline batteries, sometimes AmazonBasic leak if you leave them in a device for too long.

Duracell Procell AA 24-Pack

Duracell Procell batteries are cheaper than their "Coppertop" line, but they last just as long when used on devices that don't need a ton of power. Duracell Procell is easy to safely dispose of, as they don't contain dangerous amounts of mercury. Procell is cheaper than Coppertop and just as strong and powerful.

Duracell Procell comes with a 7-year freshness guarantee, meaning they can hold a charge for up to 7 years. These batteries perform well in industrial devices as well as practical ones like flashlights and electronic safety equipment.

You can also easily use Duracell Procell in extreme temperatures. They aren't as resistant to extreme temperatures like lithium batteries, but they can still function within a -20 to 55 Celsus range.

Also unlike Energizer batteries, Duracell Procell are made and assembled in the United States of America.

Overall these batteries have good value, so if you're looking for a cheap battery that still performs well, Duracell Procell is for you. The only downside is they don't last as long as Duracell's premium batteries, as Coppertop does last a little longer, hence the price. Another issue is like other alkaline batteries, Procell can leak if you leave them in a device for too long.

Energizer MAX AA Batteries 20-Pack

Energizer MAX batteries are one of the best performing alkaline batteries available. You can also rest easy knowing these batteries are environmentally friendly because they're 100 percent mercury free. Energizer's design modification also ensures that there are no leaks, and that's a guarantee.

These batteries can store energy for up to ten years before they lose their charge. The packaging is also environmentally friendly as it uses less plastic and cardboard then their competition. Energizer MAX also has 30 percent more power than it's earlier version.

Energizer MAX works well in low drain electronics as it doesn't use a lot of electricity and will keep running for a long time. The brand holds up to its commercial promise as their batteries keep going and going, which may explain why it's the World's #1 battery maker. Since there's no mercury in these batteries, you can safely dispose of them because they also don't have any heavy metals.

The only drawback to these batteries is even though Energizer is an American company, currently, all their batteries are made in China. This makes them more expensive than their competition.

Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA Batteries 8-Pack

If you're looking for durability and powers, lithium batteries tend to do the job better than alkaline. Although these Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries are a little expensive, they do last longer than most lithium batteries out there.

Energizer Ultimate Lithium performs well in high load devices because the lithium can handle even the most demanding electronic devices. These batteries can store energy for up to 20 years, so you can wait 2 whole decades to use them.

Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries are also very lightweight and almost half the weight of alkaline batteries.

These batteries are also leak-resistance, and will never burst open or spill. Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries are perfect for digital cameras and will give you 9 times better performance than other leading brands. The brand Energizer is also the most popular battery brand in the world, as everyone recognizes the Energizer Bunny.

These batteries can also survive extreme temperatures of 40 to 140 degrees. The only downside is Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries are more expensive compared to other leading brands.

Another problem is these batteries are currently not allowed on most American fights. So if you're traveling, make sure to remove these batteries from all your devices before boarding a plane. 

Panasonic BK-3HCCA8BA Ni-MH Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries

If you're looking for a rechargeable battery, these are a great option. You can charge them up to 500 times, and they keep 85 percent of their charge for up to a year when not in use.

You can buy these batteries in an 8 pack unit and you recharge them about 500 times, when they're full or even partially discharged. These batteries stand out from the competition because they're made of highly durable super lattice alloy which is what extends their shelf life.

These batteries can also work in extremely low and high temperatures.

If you're looking to power flashlight, cameras or lanterns in the winter, like for a camping trip perhaps, this is the battery for you. Just make sure to keep the battery charger on hand, and to recharge these batteries frequently.

ACDelco AA Batteries Alkaline Battery

These batteries deliver maximum power, as a 100 bulk pack of these have 1.5 volts of power in each battery. ACDelco is also reliable, long-lasting and has great performance. These batteries are also multi-functional and can be used on a great range of household appliances.

If you're worried about eco-friendly batteries, then these batteries are perfect for you. ACDelco is 100 percent free if cadmium and mercury so they won't harm the planet when you throw them away. They also work well at low temperatures. 

Buy Your Batteries Today

Now that you know what makes the best batteries, find the right battery for you today. Remember to check the kind of battery your device needs first. Keep in might price, weight, voltage, shelf-life, and performance when buying your battery.

Also, know the difference between alkaline and lithium. If you are traveling in the United States avoid lithium batteries. Check the battery's design to make sure it won't leak and try to avoid batteries made with mercury, as those are bad for our environment.

For more information on tech and electronics and for more reviews like this be sure to check out our blog.

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