A Comprehensive Review of the Standard Horizon GX2200

You and your old radio have trekked all over the world together, and over the years you became the best of friends. However, there comes a time when you have to have to realize your radio has seen its best days.

Remember that saying, "If you love something, let it go"? Well, now's the time to set your radio free. As sad as this may be, at least you'll know that the replacement will be more than a worthy match.

Why do we say this? The answer is quite simple, and it comes in the form of the Standard Horizon GX2200.

This radio is at the very top of the game, and if you want the best there is you'd do well to pay attention to this one. It comes with all the features that you could ever ask for, and even some you didn't think you needed, all for a very reasonable price.

Let's check out this Standard Horizon VHF radio and see how it can help you on your next trip on the waters.

A Look at the Standard Horizon GX2200

If you're looking for the ultimate radio for your maritime activities, this is the name you need. From hardware to pinpoint location accuracy, this standard horizon VHF radio is not one to turn down.

Here are a couple of reasons you should get the hookups.

Minimal Setup Required

Due to a crazy amount of innovation, this standard horizon VHF radio is super easy to set up and get working.

Unlike most radios that make you wire up a separate GPS to the device, this little guy has a WAAS GPS antenna built right into it.

This drastically cuts down on the amount of maintenance you'd need to put into your device and makes it a very good choice for novices or not so tech-savvy people.

Detailed AIS target information

Thi standard horizon VHF radio makes sure to keep you in the loop by displaying a whole host of important target information for you to be aware of your surroundings.

This detailed information includes the BRG, MMSI, the ship name, the call sign, the SOG, DST, and COG.

You can also see exactly where the ships are located relative to your position, so you can see where all of your ship going buddies are nearby - and so you know where any other ships may be lurking.

Noise Canceling Microphone and Speaker

Many times when you're out at sea, you have to deal with the wind blowing around and ruining your communication with other ships.

That stops here.

This standard horizon VHF radio features the latest in ClearVoice technology, so whether you're just talking with another ship or radioing in a serious emergency, you know your voice will go through with minimal interruption.

You also have the attached speaker, which has a supreme range when compared to other radios.

You could almost be on the other side of the ship and still be heard (not that we recommend doing that in an emergency, but you should totally try it out just for kicks).

Collision and Avoidance Alarms

You know that technology they've been putting on cars these days? Now you can get it on your boat, too.

Just in case you happen to be sleeping on the job and don't notice your surroundings (please don't do this) this standard horizon VHF radio will warn you if you get too close to a ship.

This is a life-saving tool and keeps you in the clear of other ships - and it will teach you to keep your eyes open when you're on the waters.

30-Watt PA System

Remember how your radio used to give you garbled messages that you could never understand? Yeah, it freaking sucked.

With this radio, not hearing the message is the least of your worries.

This standard horizon VHF radio comes with a high-power PA system that's super loud, so you won't miss anything.

What's even better is that you can use the fog horn at the same time. The multitasking abilities are a pretty big deal and an obvious advantage that you shouldn't turn down.

Store up to 100 Waypoints

This radio just keeps getting better and better.

This standard horizon VHF radio gives you the ability to store up to 100 waypoints. This is incredible because you can store a whole host of information about your travels and your favorite stops for future use.

What's more, the radio includes a special compass display that will give you detailed information, including direction, distance, and more, for each of your waypoints.

That means 100 custom waypoints with 100 custom routes that you can access at any time, anywhere.

We think it's about time you start hitting up your favorite spots.

Great customer support

This is probably one of the greatest things that this radio offers.

When you purchase this standard horizon VHF radio, you automatically get a three-year warranty on the device. This warranty covers everything you can think off, including repairs and replacement.

Just to show how much they care about their customers, after the warranty period is up, the people at Standard Horizon continue to back you through the Lifetime Flat Rate Service program and the Customer Loyalty Program.

This ensures you'll get very good discounts on your radio when you need to repair or replace it, and you'll get sweet deals when you buy other items.

You really can't ask for anything better than that.

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When it comes to getting a radio for your maritime needs, the Standard Horizon GX2200 is the only way to go.

Luckily for you, we also know a lot more than just radios.

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